Thread for posting in every time you're listening to The Smashing Pumpkins



even the synth line?


I just remember thinking the whole time ‘the production sounds awful’ so I guess so


Love how this descends into a psychedelic abyss, it’s kind of like a gentle version of when the multifx soup kicks in on everlasting gaze


I am listening to the :rat: in a cage song again.



was just about to post that haha


Unfortunately probably recycled from here (timecoded the moment)


This week listened to Mellon Collie once and Adore about 5 times at the prompting of the Album Of the day thread.

After about 7 years with it I feel like I’ve really come to appreciate Mellon Collie for what it is: possibly the best Pumpkins album and one of the greatest double albums of all time :heart_eyes: (can only think of Songs in the Key of Life, Sign O’ The Times and maybe Death Certificate topping it)

Adore, meanwhile, is quite comfortably the third best Pumpkins album. An 8/10, quite a ways behind Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie but I’d much rather listen to it than Gish any day of the week. And credit for Corgan for writing a very good album in a largely different style to anything else he released in the glory years. Would be even better if Perfect and Daphne Descends didn’t kill it at birth


Rhinoceros just came on my shuffled playlist…glad it did…


Rickys response to Foreigner always gets me


I am involuntarily listening to Smashing Pumpkins singing “I’m a rat in a cage / what am I going to do” on NPR. But it has stopped now.


I put on the 33 single and for some reason The Last Song delivered as if I were hearing it again for the first time. What an absolutely magical song. Such a beautiful melody, and that twist around the 2:18 mark is one of the highlights of the Mellon Collie era. This song really encapsulates what was so special about that time and might be what I miss most about the band.


Just threw up cherub rock on the juke at the hoot county saloon in houston tx in @ttf honor. What a drum into by jimmy…


nighty night just came on 6music


Really into the deluxe adore, it has flickered on and off Spotify, think when it originally appeared it only had a handful of the bonus tracks, remember listening to it and thinking compared to the previous reissue bonus material, this is the album where filler crept into his writing. Totally wrong, the bonus material is great, another universe of material of Mellon Collie proportions and quality


Just what every household needed.


Listening to the live version of Bodies off aeroplane flies high. Making me a bit sad / nostalgic for last summer where I spent a lot of time listening to them outside


Love this version, for the gentle intro


Not impressed with the photo not matching the year of the performance


Listened to Adore twice today…original, not the soulless remaster