Thread for posting in every time you're listening to The Smashing Pumpkins



Rare era where he was sporting ‘the nutkins’


Probably made this joke before, vaguely remember the smashing nutkins


Listened to TheFutureEmbrace this morning. Good album. Always thought of it as the album that I would have liked Adore to be.


I’ve never heard this so as soon as I hit ‘reply’ on this I’m heading over to Discogs to see if I can pick up the CD.

I remember it being the first CD I ever saw on sale in Fopp for £1, not too long after it was released.


listening to Judas O


Listening to the song XYU. Somehow spaced on this song despite having a copy of Mellon Collie for years, until I listened to it so I could crack a DExYU/DExEU Brexit joke

So ‘discovering’ this song is the best thing about Brexit so far



great alt version on the mellon collie deluxe, would love this song even more but it seems a tad misogynistic


I bought it. Took it back cos i hated it. Rebought for a quid. Hated it. Sold it

Horrible album


ahead of its time


Genuinely baffled by the hate for it among some Pumpkins fans. I don’t see anything divisive about it, it’s standard (excellent) Corgan with some warbly shoegaze atmosphere replacing some of the heaviest distortion.


i never got into it at the time, pumpkins were my teenage favourites, a few years later, post zwan I had just moved on, think he also didn’t have much faith in it, putting that pumpkins ad out around the same time, dont know if he already knew it was poorly received but kind of felt if he had pushed it more it might have been better received, as it is it was instantly forgotten.

felt bad the other day when on instagram he was saying how many people wish he had died or something so that his catalogue would be untarnished, and given how many of his peers are gone (he is right, it is only him and vedder left) it is really out of order, i’ve never gone that far but have expressed similar sentiment in much milder terms


And Courtney Love. And Mark Arm. And Kat Bjelland. And …


depends how you categorise really, I was thinking of the big grunge/grudge adjacent, nirvana, sound garden, alice in chains, pearl jam, stone temple pilots would be their main peers, probably would also include hole but not mudhoney or babes in toyland


It’s because it was the first release where he changed his singing voice to unlistenable


Fair enough. For me, as soon as you bring in Nirvana and Pearl Jam you really need to think about their betters (by which I mean Hole and Mudhoney!)


Both better than pearl jam for sure