Thread for posting in every time you're listening to The Smashing Pumpkins

He quite often announces things that never end up being released, I think we’re safe from this.


I really hope so, for the sake of these boards, if little else.


He has gone quiet on the chrimbo album, and the machina reissue, must have got spooked

Lost interest in that Machine reissue the second he announced that they were hitting the studio to re-record/overdub bits of it. Urgh.

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Machina is definitely a record that could do with a bit more going on, fair play Billy, fair play

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Depends how far they go, re-recording would be bad, adding bits that would be noticeable unfinished otherwise might be alright

Just glad those masters didn’t catch fire

Never like when artists do that for a reissue. Just give me the album you actually made!

Bruce Springsteen does it,as does Robert Smith. Really grinds my gears

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What did Springsteen do it on?

I think it is good in this case for machina as it was unfinished, I think the original track listing will be included in the set, along with the expanded version including the machina 2 material and so will be closer to the original vision

In what sense are you using this? As in - the double concept album wasn’t finished, or the album that did come out wasn’t finished?

The original double concept album

Ah, fair enough.

Yeah if they’re finishing off the unreleased stuff then fine (Been a long time since I listened but I don’t remember M2 sounding great), just concerned he’s George Lucasing the original album.


I guess it’ll be fine as long as he leaves the vocals well alone. Nobody wants Dross (2019 vocal mix).


I’m fairly sure it’s just tidying up the non machina 1 stuff, vaguely remember something about some DAT tapes being damaged which might be a reason, pretty sure the reissue will be the original machina (possibly resequenced), and then the expanded one would be for the deluxe box set

I listened to the first part of Mellon Collie at the weekend because I’d just trudged through about 250 posts of the main SP thread and I wanted to remember the reason I like this band’s second and third albums and assorted other songs


What did Robert Smith do?

My recollection of all the deluxe editions up to and including Disintegration is that if they were in any way different from the originals, they were indiscernibly so. Didn’t even fix up the little glitch in “M”.

He did it on the reissue for the Glove, and I believe he was somewhat coy as to when they were recorded.

@guntrip I believe he did it on ‘the promise’ and also maybe on ‘the river’

Listening to Adore again. Shame - Behold! The Night Mare - For Martha - Blank Page remains the greatest four song sequence of all time.

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Tear never gets enough appreciation. I think it’s one of the best.