Thread for posting in every time you're listening to The Smashing Pumpkins



Got bored so now am listening to dead can dance :skull: :canned_food: :dancer:


Thanks for the heads-up! I’m now listening to the Puff Daddy remix of Ava Adore, which is apparently a thing.


I broke out Ogilala for the first time since end of year voting and it’s even better than I remembered.



Turns out the puff daddy remix is pretty good


Listened to Zwan yesterday. Still great.


Better than Sufjan?


Listening to the new smashing pumpkins song on 6music! Sounds like stereophonics…


the new song not being totally terrible is making me revisit some of their better recent songs. Listened to this quite a bit when it came out, gives a good memory prod


Ive been merrily clicking and watching the links on this thread for at least an hour now, without posting ITT.

Rookie error.


I am listening to the Smashing Pumpkins.


I am listening to Siamese dream on the bus


Guaranteed to make the bus ride feel too short


that’s why I am listening to it at work now. On my second listen of the day


Checking out the super deluxe version of Adore on Spotify. Didn’t realise it was this extensive. The mono mix of the album sounds pretty good…


Gone off them a bit


Listening to Pinwheels now and having a great time




Hello folks! I’m new to this community but I’ve had love for the Mighty Mighty SP since the early 90’s. Love this thread obviously. I’ve seen them many times over the years, most recently in Tampa during this reunion of sorts tour. I was just listening to a fan shot performance of Muzzle, they have been closing out most shows on that tune, which is a great decision because IMO it’s one of the best songs Billy has ever written and everyone in the band loves playing it…I don’t think I’ve ever seen James NOT jump up and down at the beginning when they start it up. Anyway, reasonable quality on this fan shot—


Muzzle is top 5, not of their songs, of all songs.

You may enjoy this constantly renamed thread