Thread for posting in every time you're listening to The Smashing Pumpkins

Could be on your own with this one…

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A lot of people are really enjoying the album.

I take it back. Sorry

I really think this album suffered for its drip feed release. the album is a bit samey, but think if it dropped in one go it would have been quite exciting and got more points for being a fresh direction for them. think Corgan always has an eye on the market and knows in the streaming climate this is the way to go, just doesnt suit album based artists imo

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Remember at the lead up to Avalanches record everyone was super underwhelmed - then the album came out and everyone loved it. But the lead up probably hindered the excitement for the record - fortunately they actually stuck the landing and think the resulting praise lead to them not losing listeners (in fact they were briefly in the top 20 artists on

But yeah think album artists should really thing twice before doing extended promo run ups. It really hurt the Hayley WIlliams record if memory serves

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Bright Eyes album also suffered I think, now I love it though

Agreed. Didn’t he basically release the whole first half of the album ahead of time? Over the past few years I’ve really started viewing singles as spoilers, I’m glad I didn’t cave and listen to anything ahead of time.

At this point though I genuinely don’t think it’s too samey - I was worried at first, but now I have a different song stuck in my head every day and I know exactly what it is. They’re all extremely catchy, the hooks and melodies just take some time to reveal themselves.

Look at those pickup covers

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I have just listened to Mellon Collie

It could lose so many tracks, it becomes a right old slog


you dont have to listen in one go

This is going to sound like I am being sarcastic but I have genuinely never considered just listening to half an album then listening to the other later, always been an all in one for me

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think of it as two albums, a double album if you will


So, have listened to CYR 3 or 4 times over the last week now.

Not bad. Potentially the best thing they’ve done since Machina. Very TheFutureEmbrace, which I’m a fan of.

While there aren’t really any tracks demanding inclusion in an SP top 20 (or even 30), there’s a fair number of 7 or 8 out of 10 songs. Second half is much stronger than the first. At 20 songs and 73 minutes, you could easily drop the 5 and 6 out of 10 songs (say, Track 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 11), and all it would have needed was a couple of hands-down 10 out of 10 bangers to be vying for a spot in my top 3 or 4 albums for the year.

I do like the take on A Forest, though…


Hm. Judging from the poll, I’m the only one who likes the A Forest rip off

Made it my new years resolution to sit and listen to an album a day on headphones whilst doing nothing else. Last year I seemed to consume music entirely via speakers whilst WFH.

Last night I went for Siamese Dream. It just sounded so fucking good. I actually think that it might be the pinnacle of the electric guitar just in terms of how it sounds.


It somehow actually lost points for how it sounded in the HGITR thread. Insane. It’s the absolute pinnacle.

Pretty much my thoughts exactly. It’s a really good and interesting album, it’s just missing that classic Corgan knockout song or moment (not a knock on the songs I voted for, I genuinely love them). At this point I really do like the whole thing, with only a few criticisms:

  • Wyttch should have been a one-off Halloween charity single. I actually enjoy it musically, but the “all hallow’s eve” stuff is so cheesy.
  • Not a big fan of Haunted’s chorus, feels a little too Christian Rock.
  • That “apple / pear / candle” line that opens Dulcet is rough.
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Think this might be the first time I’ve ever agreed with a song poll, the 4 with multiple votes are the clear standouts for me.

Really? The tone and texture is perfect!

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