Thread for posting in every time you're listening to The Smashing Pumpkins

Think this might be the first time I’ve ever agreed with a song poll, the 4 with multiple votes are the clear standouts for me.

Really? The tone and texture is perfect!

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never felt too bad about not seeing the reunion because as the footage I had seen was quite lacklustre and he changed the way he sings awhile back which I really dislike (that weird vibrato), but this is pretty decent, he is singing pretty well, doesnt really scream anymore though

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Most people loved it some weren’t as keen. Opinions.

Musically they’ve still got it here, but i find his voice unlistenable now. Everlasting Gaze is horrible.

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Watching the video to Lyric by Zwan. Great song but that bit in the video in the club is hilarious


Siamese Dream sounds really bad on speakers/headphones that extend the Mid Bass from experience. And a lot of consumer grade electronics extend the mid bass - IMHO it was an album made for neutral headphones/speakers and boy does it show. And for that reason it’ll sound very muddy on a lot of speakers/headphones unless you turn that mid bass down on an EQ.

So I don’t blame a lot of people for disliking the way it sounds as it’ll either sound incredible or awful depending on what you listen to it on - this goes for a lot of indie rock/lo-fi IMHO.

No science in this btw - just what I observe as someone that buys too many headphones for his own good. Think it sounds kinda eh in my Sony WH1000xm4 but sounds baller on my Sennheiser HD595 and Shure SRH1540. The record sounds better when I apply a neutral EQ via Sonarworks on headphones that are fairly neutral.

Sounded good on my senheisers anyway :slight_smile:

If we’re getting right down into the nitty gritty, I really want to like Purple Blood. Love the start, but it ends up going too … Queen for my liking.

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I like it but totally understand that. I’ve seen a number of people call that one the best song he’s written since Machina, which is pretty baffling to me.

Should probably admit that I’ve never heard A Forest, Disintegration is the only album by The Cure that I know. Getting into them has been my plan for the past five years and it never ends up happening, maybe I’ll finally get on it this week.

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Question for @TTF @TAFH33 (something odd with tabbing now in the edit window - I’m sure it used to auto fill the @ for you… Now it flicks to ‘save’)

Do you own the vinyl version of Mellon Collie and, if so, do you find the altered track listing distracting or just different? Or do you think it’s better and setup a playlist in that order you prefer?

I assume you are talking about the original vinyl that split it over three discs with a different track listing? I don’t have that, just the reissue vinyl which is the original track listing over 4 discs, pretty unlistenable as it is mastered so loud that it distorts as the needle gets closer to the centre probably the worst vinyl I own. Never really investigated the original vinyl playlist though, might set up a spotify playlist for it

Wow, that is really fucked up. Yeah I meant the original 3-disc version. Despite not being a huge fan I am a fan of the album’s artwork and concept stuff. The naming of each disc (someone told me the first disc starts quiet and ends loud and the other goes louder to quiet, to suit the naming) is clever and I liked how the vinyl used 6 sides differently when I read about it.

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apparently the european version of the reissue vinyl is supposed to be alright, not too fussed about it sounding bad, i’m so used to the CD can’t really be doing with 8 sides of vinyl to listen to it, glad I have it for the big art and booklets

good article here on the artwork

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I never knew about this actually - looking at it, that’s a bizarre sequencing and seems like a random assortment of songs (admittedly, Mellon Collie is very much ingrained in me and I think the CDs are sequenced perfectly).

X.Y.U. into Stumbleine, Thru the Eyes of Ruby into something that isn’t Stumbleine, Take Me Down near the very beginning, Porcelina into BWBW, and the breaking up of the ending suite are especially strange.

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I have it and it doesn’t work at all…no flow or even thematic pairings

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Hmm, and @TAFH33 maybe that’s why they never reprinted it in that form then, just didn’t work as they wanted.

think it was only ever available in the uk so maybe they didnt even have much of a hand in it

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Meladori Magpie is such a great song. Those weeping guitars over that progression, just beautiful.

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