Thread for posting in every time you're listening to The Smashing Pumpkins



Yeah I saw that one. He certainly has a Sith Lord look going on at the moment. Oh Billy, I do love your fashion awkwardness


Gosh i love the Smashing Pumpkins.


It seems like SP is getting a bit more love these days. For a while there I started feeling like they were never going to get the recognition they deserved, as they are an acquired taste and best understood by delving into a deep catalog. But now, anytime I leave the house with any SP swag on (I tend to wear almost nothing but band shirts) I seem to get more positive comments from random people more than when I’m wearing something by any other band. And it surprises me how many young people go out of their way to gush about them. It seemed like for a while there young people stopped recognizing their name even…but lately I feel the SP love. Well done young people.


Even when I am not listening to the smashing pumpkins

I am listening to the smashing pumpkins


Also @KeyParty muzzle is still absolutely hype.

I am currently about to stop listening to jellybelly


Because I will then listen to zero


I’m listening to the cover of Landslide


After a long period of not listening to the smashing pumpkins, I am going to listen to the Smashing Pumpkins in the car.


Take it to the “Thread for posting in when you’re planning to listen to The Smashing Pumpkins” thread


I am smashing pumpkins. Listening to Zwan though…


Not unconvinced such a thread exists



Why are you choosing to listen to their worst song???


shuffle (I also quite like it)


Reckon I’ve listened to zeitgeist no more than 3 times


Heard that new one, Ghosts or similar, last night on 6 Music. Really liked it. Cant be arsed to read the thread to see if I am out of whack with indie-bell opinion.


Consensus here is it sounds like the stereophonics


Of course.


Listening to the new single. Stereophonics huh? Nah, I would say it sounds like classic mid tempo Pumpkins Pop. They always put one or two on each album since MCIS. It started with 1979 and since then Billy tries to rebottle that lightening (Perfect, Try Try Try, Honestly ((Zwan)), Thats The Way, Freak, etc…)

And now this. I believe Billy believes these are the tracks that snare the “average listener” as they are infinitely approachable. These are also the hardest for me to appreciate initially, because it’s not what I personally look to SP for, but over time their popness succeeds and I manage to soften. I hated Try Try Try passionately when it first came out, however I now enjoy it and can even be caught singing along at times. I’m going to place this one in that zone for now and assume it will grow on me.


playlist I made of some favourite post-Machina stuff from Corgi and the gang