Thread for posting in every time you're listening to The Smashing Pumpkins

winterlong is good

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I have an alternative take that is much more bright and strummy…will try to find it, pretty good

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overlooked this song for a long time, so much vibe with relatively little going on

love that guitar sound, is it a phaser?


can never workout how the pumpkins get their clean dreamy sounds, whenever I try and do something similar I will cake on the reverb but dont think they used much reverb but it sounds too dry and harsh when I try just modulation and delays, guess maybe it is just good mic-ing and room ambience

One of my favourites

Just sat through the full Adore special edition, BTW. On Machina now.


That little cymbal tap after Billy sings “suck you” is one of my favourite little pumpkins moments


Everyone playing music league should be here if they’re being honest


Came hear to post the very same thing.

Never fully realized the true depth of the Adore era until the past week. Just like Mellon Collie and Machina there’s a whole other incredible album sitting there that would rival any other band’s best work. Wonder why he never assembled everything and released it, I wouldn’t have the restraint to sit on material that beautiful.

He basically has 1-3 amazing unreleased albums for every proper peak-era album, it’s insane.


loving listening to the smashing pumpkast, seem to have a very similar relationship/view of the band as the hosts, finding it super nostalgic to listen to