Thread for posting in every time you're listening to The Smashing Pumpkins

I love Zeitgeist. Haven’t been able to properly listen to it for years since it’s not online and my CD got stolen. It doesn’t have that same magic as the original run but the songs are great, really energetic and interestingly put together. Jimmy’s drumming is incredible. (Love Starz and United States though, I think United States might be my favorite). Great running album.

There was a thread a month or so ago about re-sequencing albums, and revisiting live Zeitgeist material I realized there was enough great material from that era to make a double album that flowed really nicely. I abandoned the post but I need to get back on that.

I like Tarantula and That’s The Way but have never been able to listen to the album because as soon as his vocals come in on the opener I hate it. Just sounds wrong and bad to me. And I’m even into latter day stuff where some can’t stand the way he sings. This has only ever been off youtube though, I suspect it’d sound better on record and maybe a sound system rather than headphones. Presumably when they mixed it they thought it sounded good. Hoping that one day they’ll get round to remixing it and make it better.

I’m sure I’ve enjoyed some of the other tracks and b-sides when people have linked to them too, just can’t listen to it as an album. Anyone wanna post a load of the ones where the vocals aren’t like that?

Side note, American Gothic is a great EP

This is worth a spin, two episodes on the double album, the second ep of which has a focus on Mellon Collie. Amusing, pokes some fun at Mr W Corgan but also lavishes some love on the record.

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That’s tough because it’s basically how he sang in that era, especially in studio. But since you like American Gothic I’d at the very least try / revisit these from the era, they’re legitimately great:


Peace and Love (had somehow forgotten about this song until a few weeks ago, it’s incredible and has that Corgan magic)

The Leaving Lament

99 Floors

Psalm 131

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Zeitgeist the song is how American Gothic and Ogilala should have been recorded/produced. Such a nice song and stripped of all bombast and studio-fuckery

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love this comment

Ah Billy Corgan. How can someone with such good taste in shirts and who wrote such good songs be such an awful person?


Needless to say I like what Jeff has to say about Billy.

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This is a really good song, eh? Despite it having been controversially written and recorded this century.


I love it, for some reason a lot of fans hate it (like, specifically compared to anything else on the album). Not his best lyrics, sure, but turn it up loud, it’s amazing.

Just got a surprise call from my oldest friend - he said he’s never understood my Pumpkins obsession but is now willing to learn. After being unable to give a top 3 songlist due to there being too many sides of Billy’s songwriting, I’ve been told to come up with:

  • 5 sides of Billy’s songwriting
  • one great song that best represents each

Do you guys have any ideas? I have some but I’m having choice paralysis since there are too many all-timers. He did say something he notices and appreciates about his music is that it’s rarely just verse-chorus and instead has lots of carefully arranged pre-choruses / sections, so that could be something to put on display.


To sheila, XYU, hummer, behold the nightmare, i of the mourning


Woah! That’s a fun thing for you to play about with. The Aeroplane box starts to do this in a way, so you could probably take lush pop, rock, and acoustic from there, maybe then I’d add prog for Billy’s long form epics and electro pop, something like

Set the Ray to Jerry/ Behold! The Night Mare/ Farewell and Goodnight
Bodies/ Siva/ Geek
To Shiela/ Stumbleine/ Rotten Apples/ Whir
For Martha/ Soma/ Ruby/ Starla
Eye/ Daphne Descends/ Raindrops and Sunshowers

Siamese Dream kind of feels like it’s own thing entirely, the songs are so intricate and duck into all all kinds of different areas, if your friend appreciates detailed arrangements that’s the album for them. I’m presuming they will know the singles, if somehow he has no idea what 1979 or Tonight Tonight sound like you’d better blow his mind.

This is a very genre centric way of looking at Billy’s output, maybe it would be more satisfying theming the songs around more abstract ideas? Love, rage, spite, sad and dream perhaps. You could get lost in this, let us know how you go. Sorry my picks are so focused on the Pumpkins first act, I’ve made inroads into the post reformation output but that original run is where my heart is.


I really like this album, it has an all-timer (Pale Horse), and largely sounds great (this included). It’s let down lyrically a lot of the time, including here I would argue though.

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Looking at that list of songs is reinforcing what an impossible task this is. Just incredible. There’s just no way to reduce them to a handful of songs.

That’s a really good idea about going the abstract route, I might try to blend the two approaches.

No need to apologize about original run only. I’m higher on the new stuff than probably anyone else here, but yeah, that original run is on a whole other level from anything. It’s the most magical collection of music created by anyone. A legitimate reason to live.

Totally agree about Siamese Dream too. The song construction is unbelievable, so many layers and interesting arrangements, and that’s before even getting to the emotion. How can you leave out any of Hummer, Rocket, Soma, Geek USA, and Mayonaise in an exercise like this? And then you have Silverfuck, which can open the live material Pandora’s box. And all of the pain in Spaceboy. It’s just all so perfect.

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That’s actually not too far from my first 10 second shot at this:

Hummer, Fuck You, Thru the Eyes of Ruby, For Martha, Wound

But even that leaves out so much. You have the ballads represented by For Martha, but that leaves out that intangible MCIS era magic and that pastoral Pisces / Tonight Tonight EP thing. You have the fuzzed out perfection and lead-work of Hummer and the anger of Fuck You, but that misses the psych side of Starla and Hello Kitty Kat.

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Really tempted to find a way to get The Last song in there, it’s just such a perfect encapsulation of the non-metal side of Mellon Collie.


The Last Song is one I always slept on, along with the other Thirty Three b-sides but yep it’s a beauty.

I really like the whimsical side of his writing but I think he only went hard on that in the Mellon Collie era, something like Meladori Magpie doesn’t sound like anybody else. Lily, Cupid…oh flip the Barbershop version of Jupiters Lament :heart_eyes:

I’ve tried doing it for myself and don’t have the discipline, I just end up picking all my favourites and it looks like the Tonight Tonight single. Of course I like the Pumpkins heavy side but their dreamier and sweet moments are my absolute fave

Fuck You, Ruby and Martha in particular showcase certain sides of Billy and are great picks

Oh lord I forgot about about Luna! Probably the sweetest Billy moment?

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Completely agree, I can’t imagine any of his peers writing songs like that. I’m so tempted to do Meladori Magpie, I submitted it in Music League a couple months ago but it did not go over very well at all. Jupiter’s Lament is one of my all-time favorites, such a simple song but it’s so beautiful. There was such a vulnerability in his songwriting back then.

Really, really tempted to go with Galapagos. Maybe even the demo version, I’ve always loved his singing on that and the way that arpeggiated progression is brought to the front. Still probably the most beautiful progression I’ve ever heard, I’ve never found another band that uses it strangely.

Yeah, agree about Luna too. I think I remember a Billy quote about Stand Inside Your Love being their only real love song but he had to have been forgetting about it. Such a perfect ending to the album, I love how it basically bridges Siamese Dream to Mellon Collie too.

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God, listening to MCIS right now, that Ruby outro is really one of the most brilliant little sections of music ever. What a song.

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