Thread for posting in every time you're listening to The Smashing Pumpkins



Always listen to them the most around this time of year


need a fix of some of those op amp tones.


I listened to some of Mellon Collie on Sunday evening.


Have you made any similar pedals?


no, but I am considering one. My next fuzz will be a Fuzz War clone, but I’m undecided as to whether or not to get a slightly larger enclosure and squeeze a second gain pedal directly afterwards. I know there was a limited run of pedals consisting of the Op Amp after a Big Cheese, which Mike Vennart uses, I think, and he gets some pretty great tones. So that suggests that the Op Amp can work nicely after a fuzz, but then again, that’s not a Fuzz War, so idk. It won’t be that soon anyway, as I’m about to get the Reverberation Machine clone and I should be saving at the moment, not putting together more noisy pedals than I’ll ever need.


I’ve got a made by mike dreambox which is an op amp big muff and an mxr distortion +, they work really well together


Really like the simple SP design to those.


Is this close enough?


I am listening to a favourite songs from 2012 playlist:


Not even sure how it’s possible to go from ‘To Shelia’ into ‘Ava Adore’. Really hate the squelching sounds on that song, but the chorus is kinda great

E: they also have the huge 89 track version of Adore on Spotify. Not sure how I feel about that much billy


Yeah the production of Ava Adore has not aged well (or was never good), also hate the lyric ‘you will always be my whore’ but the chorus is great




There is a banjo version of to shelia amongst those tracks, arguably better than anything sufjan has ever done


Fair-weather pumpkins fan (liked the singles, never really got deep into them). Have decided to undertake a proper back catalogue trawl. Because I am a sick bastard I decided to start with the 30 minute long song… will post thoughts intermittently throughout my Pumpkins-based spirit-quest over the coming weeks.


Things I am a sucker for:

  • drawbar organ
  • guitars used to create screeching sheets of noise
  • repetitive driving bass-lines
  • re-emergence of musical themes after long tangents

So… yeah. This. 15 minutes to go.


Things I am less a sucker for:

  • drum solos
  • spoken word sections about crows
  • realising that I am live-blogging listening to an obscure Pumpkins B-side in my dressing gown at 21:30 on Saturday night

5 minutes left - first half probably impressed me more, but will find its way into my regular playlists I reckon. On to Siamese Dream next (but not now).


I can’t imagine starting a Pumpkins exploration with Gossamer, a tune that polarized even their staunchest fans live…but I sincerely applaud you. I personally enjoyed seeing Gossamer played live because it afforded me a chance to really zone out and just go all SP zen and I’m all about that.


I am listening to Pale Horse (same playlist as before).


I am listening to the rat in a cage song


ooh, just remembered they played the current hit dingle on the radio on my drive to work this fair morn. I’d have posted then but although I would have been willing to risk the lives of everyone else on the road, i didn’t want to face the wrath of any police.