Thread for posting in every time you're listening to The Smashing Pumpkins



Solara would be better if you could hear any of the drums other than the snare.


First listen - It’s better than Monuments, largely due to the lyrics having a bit more effort put into them. Not to say they’re amazing, just not total basic shit. Also I like how it sounds like they’re trying out some different poses. All the tracks have something likeable about them. I’ll listen a few more times


This is fucking shite…


Giving it a second spin. It’s just kind of safe. Billy needs turning down slightly and there aren’t enough ideas, but there are some nice bits of music but the production is too clean to make give them much emotion. Unfortunately, there are some very uninspired bits too.


I am listening to the new album by The Smashing Pumpkins for the first time. So far, I like it!


went back to Machina afterwards and it just sounds so much more interesting and levelled better. Heavy Metal Machine is probably still as lacklustre as Solara, though.


Heavy Metal Machine is transcendent! But I’m glad people are starting to recognize how good Machina is.


I’ve always known I like Machina - I remember rushing to town after school the day it came out. Unfortunately, being a better album than the new one isn’t really much praise. Machina drags after a while; from memory there’s a bit of fat that needs to be trimmed in the second half, and HMM is lacklustre.


I’ve always loved it (how shocking) and put it as part of the five-peaked mountain that towers over the rest of the musical universe (how shocking). It does get a little bit exhausting near the end, but for me in a good way - I think if it were trimmed it would lose something. I’m really, really interested to see what his actual final Machina tracklist is going to be.


Listening to this new record now, can’t believe they start with THAT song


yeah I’m looking forward to that behemoth, doubt I’ll ever get through it in one sitting though.


Oh boy, that Velvet Revolver comment. I’m trying to convince myself it’s more like Pelican with vocals, but it’s hard not to hear it. I’m sure I’ll love it by 3 pm today.


gets it out the way, though. it’s a bit like a bad version of Primal Scream doing a bad version of a bad Rolling Stones song.


Remove the gospel singers and replace Billys woo woo woo’s with a guitar and the song would’ve been salvaged! Such odd choices, still though, followed up with Silvery which is legit one of the best SP songs in like 17 years


Semi-malfunctioning, not knowing which Smashing Pumpkins thread to post in. What a time to be alive!


I’m going to give a bunch of opinions after a few more listens, but early on I’m going to say I love Silvery Sometimes already. It’s got the magic. And it works so much better on the album than as a standalone song too.


Good melody, tasteful production and instrument choices, also the best Billy has sounded in a while. Its a really good song


Travels is a slog though, I feel like the production kills this song. Its got flourishes and elements I enjoy but yeah it stays in first gear for so long.


Solara is a lil better than I remember it being. Tis okay it ends well


Alienation was just flat out boring, not looking good for this album sadly