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Marchin On sounds like Velvet Revolver for sure, but I still enjoy it a lot. This should’ve been the first single.


‘With Sympathy’ is really nice, like it a lot, deffo reminds me of Try Try Try. Not quite as instantly memorable but it’s a real nice dash of classic Pumpkins.


This album really starts and ends with the two worst songs? How strange. ‘Seek and You Shall Destroy’ is a mess of a song that lacks the flamboyance or energy to carry what its going for and it kinda just ends with no fanfare.

Overall on first listen? Mixed bag? 3 songs I enjoy quite a lot, 2 really bad songs and the rest is just meandering filler that made me forget I was listening to anything at all. Not their worst album but not the grand bold return they probably would’ve hoped for. Will probably give it a couple more spins because there were moments in the songs I didn’t like which I could get behind so it COULD grow on me but yeah other than Silvery. Marchin On and With Sympathy there wasn’t much else for me on the first go.

  • I will listen to the new Smashing Pumpkins album
  • I’d rather be listening to William Patrick Corgan

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I liked the opener. Dunno.


Woo-woo w-w-woo woooooo


Reckon even weezer wouldn’t put out an album this patchy


Its not even an album…just 8 random songs corgan probably already had demos for and threw together as a Vol 1/LP whatever that means. Man used to be great at dynamics in his music…this is all the same smushed beige blah rock.


Reckon even though he makes a big deal about doing his own thing that he really wants to be popular again and he thinks these chunks of bland rock might get some radio play or something, think he even said once that’s why the solos went on monuments, reckon that’s why the drums sound so bad on solara too, optimised for mobile phone speakers to be down with the kids


I dunno, dont thonk billy at his worst is nearly as bad as river at his worst


Cant believe he is still hanging on to the idea that nobody listens to albums anymore. As if this release model is somehow better/revolutionary…most troubling thing to me is that all media/sp related stuff is still all run by him, hardly any stuff where jimmy or james are the main focus or even involved. Still the billy corgan show, just with a few familiar faces


Yeah, he sounds really out of touch when he goes on about this. I think it’s primarily a boomer thing, but he does have an unfortunate tendency to pull individual traits from certain subsets of music listeners and fans, and then apply them as a whole to everyone.


I already feel comfortable calling it better than everything post-Pinkerton.


Id be less embarrassed being caught playing Maladroit than any post Machina SP


He is still interested in numbers though and must be aware that streaming is the new numbers game. If he wants big streaming numbers to prove his worth then he needs to release albums. Drake (bleugh) released a bloody 80 minute bloated album earlier this year which people assumed was to boost his spotify numbers (more tracks, more streams, bigger numbers) dunno why corgan cant see this.


First listen, it’s shit. I’d not heard any of the new songs other than Solara which I genuinely thought was one of the worst comeback songs any band has ever released, the sound of someone who either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care why anyone liked his music in the first place. That theme carries on through the album, dull dull songs and his voice is just fucking awful these days. Ghost is alright I suppose.

I’ll caveat this opinion by saying I only really like Gish and Siamese Dream and a handful of Mellon tracks…


I’m gonna throw my hat in with the ‘decent album, would be great with better production’ opinion gang. Don’t think I’ve heard a proper professional album with so much clipping. It all just needs a bit more



My mum just started talking about them for some reason: ‘the smashing pumpkins! They were one of your bands, weren’t they?’


Has there ever been a worse album name than:
Shiny and So Bright, Vol.1 / LP: No Future.No Past. No Present.

Four full stops, a comma , a colon, and a back slash might be a record for amount of punctuation in an album title.