Thread for posting in every time you've injured your finger

I have just cut my little finger.
Right hand (the most important hand I have)
Small brown knife
Slapped the blade while clearing the work surface

Sore finger!

Please post in this thread when you hurt your finger or to offer sympathy to your friends on the forum when they hurt their fingers.

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Oh no!


I expect I’ll be back soon!

That’s creepy timing

I just pulled my chair under my desk and it crushed my middle finger between the two. Let out a yelp on Zoom and looked a right twat. Have made it bleed under the nail a bit.

Solidarity, finger friend


Did this a few months ago

Needed surgery and resulted, rather unexpectedly in this

The lols we had


That’s one big finger!


I must admit that X-Ray just looks like a normal finger bone to me, what am I missing?

It’s broken diagonally from halfway up, through the knuckle and into the next segment.

I’m so sorry but this image is really, really funny


Ouch! Hope it’s healing and I am glad you had a laugh with it :slight_smile:

It was funny. No doubt about that whatsoever

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Cardboard cut on left index finger when taking out the recycling on Saturday

Managed to stab most of the way through my middle finger in February. Looked like it was going to scar but it’s barely left a mark. Still a tiny bit sore when I apply pressure though.

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This is now the Sore Finger Selfie Thread

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That’s hilarious, sorry! When I broke my elbow I didn’t get a cast that big, and after surgery I was allowed to just waft it about.

@mildmanneredjanitor that’s roughly what the doctor said my elbow joint looked like, big mess, loads of fragments. Yum. But enough, this is the finger thread!

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When I was a kid my little brother had a tiny foldable penknife. Obviously I was very jealous of this and would get it off him as often as I could. One time I did that and snapped the knife shut on the webbing between my right little finger and ring finger. And I still have the scar to remind me what a wanker I was when I was a kid.

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ITT - 1 like = 1 sympathy

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Aw yeah, it’s fine now, just a bigger (like, physically, not impact-wise) version of what you seem to have done. Thank fuck for medical science, eh?

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Yes, tendon breakage is the worst. I also broke the tendon in my left ring finger about 5 years ago. Mallet finger, they called it.

That required a silly finger cast for 12 weeks. If you bend the finger then the tendon re-breaks and you have to start from scratch. I had the same chance of recovery but mines fine too.

One of my fingers is wonky and i don’t know why

It works fine though so idgaf


I hurt my right index finger two days ago and it is still recovering. I was in a hurry and needed to open a wooden gate, didn’t focus on what I was doing and ripped the cuticle. Bled a lot but didn’t really feel it at the time due to being stressed.

My hands in general are suffering from my return to manual labour tbh

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