Thread for posting in when you dream about a DiSer

last night i dreamt i was in a car with @AQOS and @funkhouser


He’s @anon19035908 now. Blooming fickle accountees

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Last night I dreamt about the cherry bakewell chocolate digestives I have in the cupboard.
Really looking forward to trying them.

Oddly, yes I did last night. Playing mini golf with lots of you, but I only remember @safebruv. It didn’t look like him, but has his username on his chest and he was loudly taking umbrage at someone’s racist lego, then he (cw: spiders) implanted the lego in his cheek to incubate spiders from it

Sorry safebruv I have no idea why my subconscious involved you like this.

Lower your expectations, I’ve had them

No worries. I charge £90 an hour for my dream work.
8hrs sleep is £720
Will give a dis-count or 10%
So just send me £648


last dream i had about a disser was about @xylo. i was living next door to him and something got delivered to my house that was for him and i went round to drop it off, and he invited me to sit in his hot tub (that was in the middle of the living room) and i politely declined. and then his house (massive bungalow) blew away in a hurricane.


Last night I dreamt that @Nobody loved me


I’ll pay you tonight

Also, 8 hours?! You know I’ve got 2 kids yeah? :joy::sob:

Work from National recommendations not actual figures pal. Not my fault you’ve had sex a couple of times is it

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I know they won’t be anywhere near as good as dcdb.

dreamt that i was playing football with @kermitwormit and we were taking it in turns one taking shots and the other in goal


only ever had one DiS dream, was a while ago so I can’t remember everyone who was in it, but a big group of us met up at a festival, only instead of bands it was football matches. everyone went off to watch man utd vs real madrid headline apart from me & @unlucky who went to watch hednesford in the non league tent


Id only go watch Bradford Park Avenue tbh.

Oh and Blyth Spartans and Stourbridge FC

I’m gonna dream about @elizabeth.schnor @Plokij @reeveseven @Spuck @pisspot @Rockerchick26 @keith.sweeney and @bbatson67 tonight xxx


@froglet you were in my dream this morning

Oh really? What happened? I feel flattered that someone’s brain remembered me enough to put me in a dream, though I should probably hear what the dream was about first…

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Oh @scout was in my dream the other day, I was petting a cat that looked like scout’s cat and then scout turned up so I realised it really was that cat. There was also that cowboy cat in the dream too


Sounds like it could’ve been rl tbh

Opened these a few weeks ago and the packet is still almost full, suspect they will go stale before they get eaten. Synthetic, horrible stuff :confused:

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