Thread for posting in when you dream about a DiSer

oh! aw :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I feel so touched to have made an appearance in at the dream party!

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your appearance was the highlight of the whole shebang, ngl

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Speaking of parties, i dreamt i had a party at my house (but it wasn’t my house irl) and a load of dissers came. The memory is fading a bit so ive forgot some of it/some of the attendees but i remember that @Gnometorious @rob.orch @TKC @Scout and @dingers were there among others! But the party had to finish early for some reason, so then the end of the dream was me tidying the party up :sweat_smile:


I think I’m slowly making my way through everyone who’s been on voicenote club at some point. Last night @profk had to chase down my atd who was having a crisis and insisted on running off in the middle of the night on her own because he could run faster than me


weird co-incidence - I had a dis dream too.

it’s a London dismeat and @xylo announces he’s changed his last name to Göring, seemingly oblivious to the fact that there’s a fairly high profile historical nazi who also has that name. Nobody else seemed to realize either, and were just congratulating him and saying it was a cool name etc. Eventually I said something like ‘dude, I’m sorry but the most famous Göring in the world was a big nazi, and maybe you should reconsider’. everyone got really angry at me and @plasticniki said she was banning me from the site for shaming xylo and I had to leave.

difficult unpacking all that this morning.


this all took place in that pub next to Waterloo station.

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Well done for being a good friend to Xylo and speaking out when it may have felt awkward or scary to do so x

(I realise this was a dream but still)


pnikkers is the perpetual moderator in my head too apparently.




really wish i read this before i got Göring engraved on several items of emotional importance.


he was a nazi! why does no one know this!


Dreamt that @Gnometorious was showing me round their aquarium/marine wildlife room, and it had a massive crocodile. I was like, ‘isn’t that dangerous? I’m not going in there’ and they were like ‘nah, he’s really tame’ and then the crocodile bit them in the leg. Then gnome wanted to go to the bakery but wearing this really scary clown mask and I was like ‘won’t that scare people’ and gnome was like ‘no way’.



this could be about Winnie :joy:

this sounds like me

this does not sound like me at all!

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Had a dream that i was hanging out with @Berrrk but it was actually @otto and we’d invented ATP but it all fell apart as they shared photos of me showing that when drunk i liked to dress as a maggot and wriggle around on the floor in private


I look just like my avatar in real life by the way!

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Not sure of the context but me & my mum were talking to @BodyInTheThames over Skype, bitt was a bit distracted and wandered off halfway through and my mum thought he was being rude. I explained that he’s been going through some stuff, just moved back after his house was flooded and she softened up.



What does this say about you Dingers?

Had possibly the greatest dis dream of all time last night. I have to share it.

Dreamt I was in this self help, therapy type circle of people talking about ways in which Jeremy Corbyn had destroyed our lives. @Parsefone and @dingers were there, and everyone else were just generic dissers, no one specific. I have no idea what parsers looks like - was just a bloke with a beard and I instinctively knew it was him. He looked really shook and me and dingers were encouraging him to speak up. He finally does, and says ‘he was a very aggressive driver’ and then bursts into tears. Me and dingers look at each other like ‘oh shit what can we do to cheer him up’ and I realise I’ve prepared something just in case anyone got upset at the meeting. I press play on a stereo next to me, and @Severed799 walks out from presumably the toilets where he’d been waiting in anticipation, to ‘the game’ by Motörhead, top off and does the whole triple H thing too. Parsers loves it and everyone in the circle applauds.

That’s the end of the dream - the next thing I remember I’m working a b&q but really out of my depth and can’t explain anything to customers.


Should probs talk through these dreams with someone at some point tbh


I just did a dramatic reading of this for @Avery without rehearsal, so I didn’t know what was coming or which way and how I should emote.

I think he enjoyed it. I think he was moved. Thank you @profk :love_letter: