Thread for posting in when you dream about a DiSer

you mean like a self help, therapy circle type thing?

i am fucking howling at this dream btw, so honoured to have been part of it!

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yeah, like the fight club therapy circle - the ones you only ever see in American films.

it’s probably not even fight club. why did I think of fight club.

worth saying that you and I both knew exactly what parsers was talking about wrt the driving and was the feeling was more ‘oh shit, we knew this had happened, but are both unprepared to offer any sort of advice or know what to say’ sort of thing. like, it wasn’t a shock that someone was upset about corbybn’s aggressive driving.

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The game is famously straight edge despite his song insinuating a lovely game of pints so I choose to belive I helped in the dreamt up scenario

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you weren’t in the triple h skimpies or anything like that, just normal jeans and trainers but the top was off, and I remember thinking it was a very decent tribute to triple H and very funny and bound to break the tension in the room. you did the water spray thing very well though.

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Ah Scott Steiner is it

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I’m a bloke with a beard who Jeremy Corbyn ruined the life of. Oh and thinking about it, I’ve been having a rough time with my car lately. You’ve got me bang to rights here.


still can’t believe i spent 2 whole years being really sad i never turned up in anyone’s dreams, and then get top billing in an absolute masterpiece.

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You’re a regular in my DiS club night DJ team if that helps. We wear costumes.

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@TKC made a cameo in my dream last night to tell me he’d changed his name to ‘Ash’ but I could call him ‘Asher’ as I was a mate.


you certainly are and you certainly can

That’s very sweet of you Ash


Had a dream that I was investigating a far-right forum (can’t remember why, maybe it was my job?) and found @AttackDuck on there being all fash

(Sorry @AttackDuck)

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So long as I looked good in my leather trenchcoat and monocle…


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had a dream I went to see Athletic Bilbao against Leganes with @shrewbie and we had a good time but both agreed that at atmosphere at the old San Mames was probably better.

then he showed me where he usually stayed when he was in Bilbao and it was this weird timeshare that no-one paid for, so was more or less a squat but was pretty nice. he said I could stay too and showed me to my room but said there wasn’t any wi-fi because they’d had ‘big problems’ with it in the past, so everyone had their own 3g dongle. shrewbs left to go and and buy some baguettes so I looked at his 3g thing and it was just a very tiny old school router and I was like ‘he’s having me on here’, but then I woke up.


I used to be well into my dongles

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Love this thread

Me, @profk, @NeilYoung, @Scout and @tilty were on top of the pops doing a cover of Romeo & Juliet by Dire Straits that had entered the charts at number 4. Scout was drumming but dressed as a spaceman, nobody else was in costume.