Thread for posting in when you dream about a DiSer

Marvellous! What a line up!


You’ll be hearing from my lawyers


Good tune, bet we killed it.

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Was presenting a late night talk show and interviewing this really cool art goth couple. The man had shoulder length black hair and script tattoos on his hands. And I was thinking to myself, “wow! I can’t believe this is what @marckee looks like in real life!”

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Did you mistake me for my girlfriend?

Had a dream I met @profk in an old student residence with a bunch of other people there. He had this moustache and I found it difficult to concentrate on anything he was saying because I found it really annoying. It was too long and it didn’t suit him at all. Then he suddenly went ‘Oh wait, you actually thought this was real?’ and he stripped it off. It was clearly fake. Everyone laughed at me.

Awful dream. I hate you profk!


:grinning: sounds like me tbh.

No your girlfriend was right there next to you in the dream

Had a dream i was going out with @barleysugar but he ghosted me because he said i reminded him too much of a hare.


:smile: sorry about that

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@xylo and @BodyInTheThames were having an argument but nobody knew what it was about. There were words on the screen and interaction but it was impossible, even for them, to know what they were disagreeing about or how/when it had begun. I think they wanted to get lawyers involved too.


This is to be fair almost exactly what happens in the very, very rare moments we have an argument.

No it isn’t

You always say that but it just isn’t true


dreamt that @carrion sent a big group DM to everyone asking for music recommendations to study to and then after a bunch of earnest and detailed responses just posted “these make me sick :face_vomiting:

really made me laugh


Get me my lawyers.

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A Few Good Men You Cant Handle The Truth GIF by SundanceTV


Was just a cameo, but dreamt last night that I was introducing @Epimer at a talk at a gala for the international congress of train drivers (?) and I incorrectly called him ‘mr’ instead of ‘dr’ when trying to welcome him on stage. I could see him in the corner of my eye furiously performing the ‘Stop talking cut throat’ gesture, so I kind of fumbled my way into getting him on. He starts talking about how passionate he is about the train industry but then stops and is l all ‘I’m sorry but I’m really unhappy about the way I was introduced’ and starts talking about how unprofessional I am etc. ended up with all the train drivers booing me off the stage and that was the end of that chapter.


I could see this happening

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Pretty sure I just introduced him as ‘mr epimer’ and everyone was cool with that.

@JaguarPirate was in mine. He had a can of lager that was about two feet long.