Thread for posting in when you dream about a DiSer

I would watch this show

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@AutumnBeech starred in a documentary about Robin Williams as it turns out they were best friends! Couldn’t believe how quiet AB had been about it, even in my dream I was like “I would never stop talking about my best friend Robin Williams!” And then they said “well that’s why you weren’t his best friend”. Foisted by my blabbermouth.


@Scout you were in my dream again, this time giving me rat advice! @shrewbie you were there too, telling me about how cute your rats are. I was upset because I’d gotten some pet rats but they were trying to control me like the one in ratatouille and they would nip me with their teeth when they were mad but one day got really angry at me because they were in my bed and I rolled over and squashed them and they bit my face which made me sad because normally they’re cute. So i asked you guys about rats and you said don’t squash them but then started talking about how cute rats are and how they like to sit inside the hollows of people’s clavicles and i agreed. This conversation was inside an old swimming pool for some reason


they bloody love the clavicles
you were in one of my dreams too a few days ago, not even joking :exploding_head: can’t remember anything about it though

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@kermitwormit sang me a beautiful improvised song about love and heartbreak as we sat on the floor of a kitchen where I believe we were hiding from a nursery of children we were inexplicably in charge of. It was so good and she was like “that’s not even the best song I’ve thought of today”. A true talent!


:smiley: I am honoured!!


Had my first ever DiSer dream last night


Was it about yourself?

Not exclusively. Surprisingly close to shrewbie’s OP

Had a really vivid dream about all of you last night.

I started a thread called Over The Hump on a Friday afternoon. It was a general knowledge quiz game to celebrate getting over the Friday lunchtime hump and being on course for the weekend.

It was fairly popular but some of you lot were complaining that Hump meant Wednesday, not Friday lunch, and I should change the name of the game to something else. So I changed it to The Home Stretch instead. And much fun was had.


@inthedusk and I accidentally let a raccoon loose in Manchester and we were made to catch it. Turns out racoons are hard to catch and very bitey. Embarrassingly, I left all the work to itd and just shouted unhelpful things from the sidelines. I did buy you a Fanta after you captured it though (not even a San Pellegrino ffs).

Please accept my sincere apologies :man_bowing:

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Sounds like a great day out to me!

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dreamt I was on the phone to @bugduv and he was giving me advice on how to consolidate my over the top tv subscriptions, and how I was a mug that I was still paying the usual rates.

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