Thread for posting in when you realise a song is a cover (rolling)

Note - this is not a thread for posting surprising covers as we’ve had a few of those, just for when you realise a song that you’ve listened to for a while is a cover

today I found out

is a cover of

The clue is in the YouTube video title


I had never youtubed it before

Take Me Home by Sophie Ellis Bextor is a Cher song originally

Not today, but I was amazed when I found out relatively recently that Elvis Costello’s version of this was a cover. The original is absolutely incredible.

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At least one person in the Sarah Records thread was surprised to hear that St Etienne’s ’Let’s Kiss and Make Up’

is a cover of the original by The Field Mice

For my part, it was years after hearing this

That I became aware of this

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My favourite one of these is @manches (I think) not realising Only You by the Flying Pickets was a cover despite being aware of the Yazoo original


Yep, was aware of both songs for a good decade and a half before clocking it

Another one I didn’t realise until I heard Tony Blackburn playing the original on Radio 2.


Turns out Saint Etienne are a glorified covers band


That Bob Stanley is such a magpie

This is another one I only realised recently

Just learned Creation Lake on Silversun Pickups’ Pikul is a cover. Never had any idea whatsoever.

Never realised that Nature Boy by Nick Cave was a cover (of Nat King Cole). Completely forgot about it until I saw this thread title, but was informed by Lauren Laverne on the radio. Must have a listen to the original.

Seems unthinkable that Nick Cave didn’t write it.

Turns out that not only am I too lazy to check my sources, but I’m also pretty gullible. FFS.

(TBF might have just misheard LL - maybe he just took the name from the Nat King Cole Song).

Didn’t know this was a Neil Young cover until today;