Thread for posting in whenever you are eating confectionary in the office due to someone else's birthday / return from holiday

I’m not yet, but in 56 minutes I will be.

Someone put some value custard creams out. I’ve had two (2) so far.



Vaughny is over from Florida. I literally have a mini Baby Ruth in my mouth as I type this


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I have bought the team a box of Celos. We break up on Friday. When should they hit the spare desk? Will I be able to post in here even though I bought them?

Yeah I am a fucking nice guy. Handsome too.

There is literally nothing Vaughny loves more than reply-alling to company-wide emails when someone has brought in treats saying “It’ll be difficult for me to eat them from all the way here in Florida!!” so its always nice when he’s over and able to provide and participate.


Right, none of you are fucking getting ANY!

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Ah man, it’s so good that he can finally join in!

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