Thread for posting in whenever you are not in Belgium

10 / 8 / 19 UPDATE

not in belgium

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Ditto but listened to a Belgian band on vinyls just this morn if that counts

Also not in Belgium.

No current plans to go to Belgium.

10/08/19: 1330hrs - Not in Belgium

And now?

Not in Belgium today.

Not in Belgium, would quite like to be in Belgium, but actually at home doing the hoovering, sadly.

1335 - Not in Belgium

It’s 14:35 Belgian time though right? WHERE ARE YOU ANT?


Shit! Shit! I meant Kent!


I’m currently in LE14 (not in Belgium)

Went to Belgium in June with a school trip to see the battlefields of world war one.

I came back and have stayed in not - Belgium since.


Was in St Pancras before, that’s basically Belgium. Not in Belgium now though.

2.17pm; I am not in Belgium.

I’m in Belgium! No wait, no I’m not.

Looks suspiciously like Liege postcode

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Not in Belgium until next April

Still not in Belgium but my throat has been rather Flemish.

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