Thread for posting in whenever you are not in Belgium

dEUS I reckon.

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Not in Belgium. Once went to Ghent in 1994(ish), not been in said country since.



Has anyone ever really been in Belgium?

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Belgium is lovely. But I’m not there. I’m sat in central Edinburgh hating every second of it. Wish I was in Belgium.

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poirot, probably

wish I was in Belgium


I am not in Belgium
I can’t slow down and I can’t stand it
Broadcast News into Hallelujah
Hanne Darboven had a great idea
Make a list, write it down
Shave your head, draw a crown
Move back home with mom and dad
The pool is drained and they are not there
My bedroom is a stranger’s gunroom
Holland 's in a downward spiral
I can’t go back there anymore
Since alt-right opium went viral

I am not in Belgium
Where I am, I don’t know where
Take me for a walk and blame this
On the water dripping off the spear

You even get to wear a dress
And feed his flesh to wayward daughters
Everyone is so impressed
Teachers, neighbors, mothers, fathers
First Testament was really great
The sequel was incredible
Like the Godfathers of the first two strokes
Every document’s indelible



A classic of early nineties Belgian industrial/electronica

I’m still not in Belgium :belgium:


Ik ben niet in België


I’m not in belgium but my sister is in belgium

I am not in Belgium, although I would like to be.

I’m not far away, but I am not there

No longer in Belgium



Only 41 posts since 10 August. Lots of DiSsers are obviously in Belgium a lot.