Thread for posting your genuinely held beliefs that look like you're on the wind up

For mince pies, it’s iced > shortcrust > puff, and none of them are really improved by being warmed up.


Apple Pie is the worst food

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Rush were one of the greatest bands ever.



I’ll be one of the few people alive in a few years because I don’t eat seafood

Houmous is only nice with tomato ketchup on it


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Hallelujah is a terrible song and every version of it ever recorded is awful.

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Is houmous chickpea custard?

It’s not not chickpea custard


If you consider yourself leftwing then you shouldn’t smoke, or at least feel constant guilt for it

Skills wallets

Dean Ashton would have played in the champions league and had 50+ England caps if he’d avoided injury


No such thing as free will


radiohead are shite and i’ve never made it through kid a

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Your use of the past tense susrprised me - did not realise they had actually called it a day last year :open_mouth:

(Catch Me If You Can innit)

All Things Must Pass is miles better than any Beatles album.

Risotto is the dumbest food there is. Let’s spend ages reducing these ingredients to a bland grey tasteless sludge that no one would sanely pick as their first choice off a menu!


The Beatles are only considered good because they happened to exist at that exact moment of history, if literally any band from today was plonked in there in their place they would be acclaimed to the same degree and, as such, would highlight how nonsensical the acclaim is.

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Won’t lie - I originally typed ‘are’ before sadly correcting myself…