Thread for posts that are funnier out of context






k then


I bet you do.


hard not to feel since this thread was started that people aren’t trying to sneak some innuendo in deliberately isn’t it?

DiS LGBTQI+ Thread!

I’ve definitely started to try and slip some in.


Yeah when I see an opening I like to press on into it fully erect.


Jizz willy cock bum arse fanny



POTW nominations (week 41)





That was supposed to be filthy in the first place!






I knew it!

(With apologies, Geoff, cos I know this cheeky prodding (matron!) has managed to stray beyond light joking in the past. Haven’t seen it much recently, though, so this complete open goal is one for old times’ sake. x)


Haha! It barely even works! But I’ll let you have it, why not.


Are you doubting your own past attractiveness and wife swapping?


Too generous.

I just couldn’t resist the enticing absurdity of using the I suggest we have a moratorium on calling people Tories thread to do exactly that. Especially when I’ve said in the past how lazy it is to rely on that descriptor on its own as a slur. :smiling_imp:

I guess I’m just…



Fuck me that’s a chilling GIF