Thread for predicting when

people will stfu/get bored of talking about and doing cycling.

2 FUCKING big threads about cycling. What is actually wrong with these fucking bores!!

Anyway, predict when the union jack waving of the olympics in Rio or London, or wherever it was we did well will wear off and we can all move on with our lives, cycle chat free


This is now the 3rd cycling thread.


thinking about changing my cranks from 172.5 to 170 what do you think

never. most of the chat there is about equipment rather than cycling, and there’s always new equipment coming out.

When will cycling die down

  • The popularity of cycling will not wane, but get stronger!!
  • 10 years, a lifetime!
  • 5 years, shorter for MURDER
  • 2 years, nearly there
  • 1 year, so close!

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*5th or 6th

I barely notice the cycling chat. The only time it bothers me is when people blur bike related words I always get excited “ooo, what could it be!!”, click on it and feel annoyed that I didn’t guess. I never learn.


This’ll help then

All the cycle crew are in their 30s. I reckon they’ve not another 20 years max.

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I associate cyclists with the following groups

  • Royalists (and in particular our darling Diana, queen of hearts and cyclists)
  • Tories
  • Really boring people
  • Nice guys, man
  • Really cool, suave, guys and gals about town
  • Brexiteers

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No christmas card for you this year.

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Maybe you could make a nice thread about things that you like instead of being annoyed at threads that don’t interest you.

Go on, let’s see the real safari. What makes you tick? So far all we know about you is that you like soup that looks like diarrhea and getting angry about your neighbour’s shed.


yeah it’s for fit reasons. i’ve got tiny wee legs for my height.

tried some online fit calculator which thought i should be running 165s.

painting and decorating
bournemouth fc/wigs
celebrity endorsed whiskey
buying houses

Good luck finding those

If someone started a conversation with me about cycling I would

  • Humour them
  • Probably enjoy it, I love to talk about cycling!
  • File them under “boring, DO NOT talk to again”
  • Tell them to “please, stop, this is not something I’m interested in, please”
  • Threaten them with violence

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That’s nice pal but I was asking about @Im_On_Safari



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Asked my mechanic about this when I changed mine. I kept 170 (was thinking of going 165). He said I wouldn’t notice. I get toe overlap with bloo shoes so I think he was wrong.