Thread for public shaming of inaminate household objects

Feel free to publicly shame any inanimate household objects here.

Here’s my shower which regularly makes my life hell by randomly blasting me with freezing or scalding hot water regardless of setting.


Finally, so many of my household items are absolute thugs, They seek only madness.


Yeah my coffee machine is also ripe for a good public shaming. Put six cups worth of water in this morning and it made three cups of coffee!?

This bedside table deliberately trips me up and bruises my knees if i get up in the night


Is the head of your bed not against the wall?

Bah! It’s just done it again! Where is all the water going?

No, there’s only one bit of wall that a bed could sensibly go against and if we put the head against the wall it doesn’t leave enough space to get round it

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The door of the dog crate is a total bastard - dog likes to be able to go in and out as she pleases because it’s a safe space for her, so it has to be open. Unfortunately, it can’t be fully, flat open because of the arm of the sofa. Consequently, it sticks out a bit and I am forever running into it. It’s so painful and loud. Stupid crate.

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Say hi to the boiler in my flat. Yes, that’s right, it really is 2m tall and takes up a whole cupboard. It also works when it fancies, often producing only cold water when I need a shower.
Utterly shameful article


That’s approaching Stephen King plot point levels of brooding craziness


What the FUCK

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Not an appliance or anything but the TV absolutely insists that we have this really crappy mat on the floor in our kitchen underneath where the sink is ‘top stop the floor getting damaged by any drips or spills’

a few things:

  • we never wash up in the sink - we have a dishwasher
  • the mat isn’t even waterproof
  • it’s ugly as fuck
  • it never stays in the same place and always wrinkles up at the corner
  • and thus I constantly trip over it
  • it’s ugly as fuck

I have tried putting it in the cupboard/ hiding it etc. but short of dumping or burning it it keeps coming back

the TV somehow sees it as necessary but it is total shit and and want rid

look at the cunt

  • it’s alright, just leave it
  • it’s ugly but not worth having a domestic over
  • bin it, burn it, kill it

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Looks like it would slide around really badly on your wooden floor as well

The problem is that if you ‘accidentally’ damage it, then it proves the need for it to be there…

Looks like your boiler was a fridge-freezer in a former life

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Need to have a proper slip and fall on it to show it to be dangerous. Plenty of hard surfaces around to cause some showy bruises, think it could work with a bit of intentional carelessness @BodyInTheThames.

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Pick your battles

it does

might invite the 6yo’s mates around for kitchen running races

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could take it to the laundry room to wash it & get it accidentally caught in the washing machine door and destroyed

might destroy the machine though & she’d probably just buy a replacement