Thread for questions about songs?

Is Mogwai’s Christmas Steps about the Christmas Steps in Bristol?

Where do broken hearts go?



I rememember an interview where Mogwai said most of their track names were in jokes or nonsense e.g. half of Mister Beast’s tracks are taken from badly translated signs. So probably named after the steps in Bristol, but not about them per se.

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I just wasn’t sure if it was about them, seems a bit nonsensical but I like it.

Glasgow mega snake :grinning:

After some more digging, here’s a definitive if not very descriptive answer from Stuart.

Q: did you name the track xmas steps after the street in bristol? also is the track in normal tuning? as i recently got a tab of it and it makes no sense. I also found it a bit weird that u made the violin section of the song on cody so quiet.
A: Yes the track is named after the street and it is in a normal tuning. We used the same recording of Luke Sutherland that was on the single. Since we played it again it wasn’t the same speed. If it had been really loud in the mix it would have sounded totally out of time. I know that this information is boring but you did ask! Stuart

Is Christmas Steps a street?

I thought it was just the name of the steps.

(Clueless) Brummie in Bristol.

Heavy Metal Trip-Hop, a bit like Mogwai.

Do they know it’s Christmas?

Yes. They probably do.

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It says so on the Wikipedia for the song