Thread for requesting one of those subtitle things under your username


I would like “Free the weed!” please (and thank you)


This could get out of hand IMO


Use this thread to suggest taglines and if your suggestions gets > 10 likes then Theo HAS to implement it.


Good one, it will remind everyone of your cautionary nature. Mods, make it happen!


Uh oh…


Whoever did this is very childish IMO


If we could get the character limit increased by 4 characters so the entire quote I requested becomes visible that would be very good


I’m going to shock everyone here but I did not request mine.


Think I might request a username change. Will keep you guys updated!!


Could i have Thick-Skinned Mild-Mannered Coiffured God please?


and I would like mine changed to ‘angel of Harlem’


No one can have any of them I’m afraid.

@1101010 please don’t do it.

Thread for nominating titles for users

How do I get one?
I want one!


Air Con Nazi


@1101010 Theo, do this. Become the person you always dreamt of becoming.


@1101010 give everyone a subtitle and then remove plasticniki’s


Yeah, don’t let your internet wife bully you!


Can I have ‘Only Non Model On Here’ ?



Please change mine to: Sorry about Brexit


But with a (Not) before it