thread for saying happy may day

I don’t think many Brits care about it even if they do know about it


A lot of people in the UK have had more immediate concerns throughout their life than to be aware of this kind of thing.

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mappy may may

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wouldnt assume they were lying, might assume they/their family were posh/bad nasty tories

Or perhaps that they’ve been heavily impacted by Tory policies?

I mean, I’ve heard of it but had no idea it was on may day. Only aware of it through this website.



i guess! i dunno. trade unionism was very important to my family and something that working class people where i live have pride in, even if its more of an inheritance than an active thing to the majority of people of my generation, i would expect working people to have heard of, if not observed, may day in some way.

maybe thats different for different places in the uk and different age cohorts, its probably one of those dastardly lived experience things again.

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yeah i don’t think many people i know would realise it’s a thing.

probably more people i know who’re aware of the celebrations to welcome in the summer but less awareness of the worker side. good day for a 2 for 1.

friends of mine living in the city in the north east would mostly not be aware unless they’re clued into worker stuff but people living in like, northumberland or durham will probably have small celebrations in the towns and villages. whereas where i grew up may day events are mainly focussed on gaelic celebrations.


I get where you’re coming from. Just disagree with the expectation that working class people would know about it when access to education under Tory rule is an issue. It’s far from basic knowledge and it’s a bit unfair to jump to assuming that anyone who isn’t aware of it is somehow a Tory.


Really embarrassed that I didn’t know about it

  • I knew about it
  • Didn’t know about it

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not embarrassed that I didn’t know. not embarrassing not to know at all. just an indication of how socialism has been trampled by Thatcher’s legacy


it is different

it’s a kind of privilege to be so informed, innit

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Celtic pagans & Comrades.
The most wonderful time of the year.

Fappable is whiterussians sister!!! 11

i dont know, it doesnt feel like a privilege.
it just feels like something that was a very small part of my life, you never know what things arent universal until other people say they aren’t.

i thought hawkwind were the most famous band in the world cause all my dads friends wore hawkwind tshirts.

it’s both, really

so many working class people have just been disenfranchised and divested of other bits of culture, too. just chewed up by capitalism.

really wish I’d been able to grow up with those sorts of things in my life

( :smiley: to the Hawkwind thing)

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tbf my childhood experience of that stuff was probably a dull imitation of whatever youre imagining, all that was already fraying here too. i wasnt marching up and down wi a big red flag, would probably just get a lecture off my mum that scabbing was worse than starving.

think its time hawkwind were critically re-evaluated again, cant decide whether theyll be great or shit this go around.

Get what you’re saying, it’s just that where I’m from/live IWD is a HUGE thing that you simply can’t avoid knowing about at all. Guess I assumed the May Day bank holiday carried some of the same notions with it, but it appears I stand corrected.

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This was not my intention at all, so I’m sorry about that. Again, where I’m from you’d have to be privileged beyond imagination to not know about workers’ day, which is why it sounded so weird to me that someone claimed never to have heard of it. Honestly thought May Day was connected to that.

I’m inviting you all to the IWD parade in Oslo next year (assuming public parades are a thing again by then) :fist::fist:

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