Thread for saying people should stop being angry at a year


"I hate 2016"
"I can’t wait for this shitty year to end"

Nothing’s going to reset in 2017. Famous people will still die and pricks will still be in power.


Expressing anger at a year[poll public=true]

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The famous people dying thing is only going to get worse as the years go on


2003 can piss right off.

And I’ve got a bad feeling about 2026.


Bets on first famous person to die in 2017? I think Paddy McGuiness.


Donald Trump, if I get my way.


Looks like someone’s never had a series of horrific personal incidents happen within the space of the same 12 months…


They’d never suspect an alpaca, true enough. Raffles as decoy, Epic as point ma… alpaca.




eventually they will find a cure


Don’t think it’s particularly weird, just the most common arbitrary way we’ve all decided to separate time isn’t it? I mean it’d be more constructive to start being more politically active but lol as if.


I feel like I’ve inadvertently hit a nerve here. Do you own a Dimebag Darrell signature model technical jacket?




speak for yourself


the queen


James Bolam


2016 has been a VAST improvement from 2015 for my personal life and I’ve made some great achievements so therefore I really liked this year


I use the ancient Welsh light half/dark half calendar myself obviously


Fucking John Darnielle, the prick!


I’m not sure that the length of time it takes for a planet to orbit its star is entirely arbitrary.