Thread for screamo/scramz/emoviolence music

Hey so how about it eh? I think there’s enough fans here to warrant its own thread. Here’s some mostly recent-ish releases I’ve been loving.

Crowning/Naedr split - Rayau
Was excited for this after hearing Crowning’s Survival Sickness album. Only had heard of Naedr before this one but my god do they rip shit. This split does not disappoint.

Blind Girls - The Weight of Everything
Only just recently heard of this band but after streaming 2 songs I knew I had to get this one. Pure chaos with nary a clean vocal to be heard. Sounds like the world is ending (I mean it is, yeah) in the best way.

Lower Automation - S/T
More on the mathcore side of things, and they def like to snap necks with their switchups. More clean singing here, perhaps in the vein of Dillinger Escape Plan or a more frantic and brief At the Drive-In.

Snag - Death Doula
Snag are more emo/emoviolence adjacent, though they rip shit when needed. Cleaner singing, shimmering guitars, climate anxiety - that sort of thing. Absolutely beautiful.

Seeyouspacecowboy - The Romance of Affliction
OK, so they’re self-described as sasscore but they fit reallllllly nicely in the spaces between hardcore, metalcore, mathcore and screamo. One of my favorite bands right now.

Infant Island - Beneath
Like SYSC, this band is hard for me to categorize. I’d say they’re more atmospheric/noisier than the typical screamo band, but damn when they rip they sound like they’re trying to tear a hole in the universe. My absolute favorite band in this genre and beyond.

OK I could keep going but I should probably get back to work. How abouts you?


Been putting stuff in the emo revival but really liking the new Gillian Carter stuff

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Was wondering the other day if State Faults or Frail Body were ever gonna do anything again, seems like ages since either released anything, especially in a genre where so many bands are so prolific.

Dang so both bands have been quiet since 2019. It seems (and I hope) both bands are still active so I hope we get something from them soon.

Rinsing this album, never heard them before

This too

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Just recently heard of Gillian Carter thanks to a shoutout from Infant Island on Instagram. Only heard a few tracks but love what I hear. Reminds me of Nuvolascura. I’ll check out the emo revival thread as well, thanks for that!

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funny you should mention Blind Girls, I discovered them just today


Looking forward to this thread, I want to try more scremo but the Emo thread was too Emo for me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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mentioned this one in a couple of other threads, absolutely one of my favouites of the year so far. I like my screamo quite blended and not all screaming (bands like trachimbrod, suis la lune, old gray) and this is right up there, post hardcore / post rock / screamo


and just to further that blend / dual vocal thing how about some…

home is where - massive screamo punch in moment

and just cause I love em - trachimbrod


Came here to post Blind Girls lol

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I’ll be all over this thread hopefully :heart_eyes:

Have you heard Sepulcher?

Best thing they have done i reckon.


Diatro are one of the GOATS. That album is incredible. Really like the last one they did also as it changes from the epic skramz to more post punk without actually being post punk. The split with Raien is next level also (Raien are next level)

One of my favourite records.

These are pre-Diatro also and this LP is a corker


Still reckon this is one of the greatest EPs ever

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Honestly copied a link to post that mihai album a moment ago - awesome band

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Feel like this got slept on a bit, features Seth from Funeral Diner.

Has the classic sound but more modern

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They really were. The record is one of the loveliest i own also

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I don’t really understand what scramz is but here’s one of my favourite 12 minutes of music ever.

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An auld classic

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This year I’ve been really enjoying the Alas album:

They remind me a bit of La Quiete, who were fantastic: