Thread for sharing nice examples of interior design

My friend’s aunt in the Netherlands has an absolutely delightful house.

Always love seeing @Scout’s flat as well. P sure I’ve seen a load of other DiSers nicely decorated flats/houses too on Instagram or on here.

My flat has some nicely furnished bits in places, would like to have found slightly more bespoke/unusual pieces to complement the vibes but had to furnish it very suddenly. Hopefully can style it up a bit next year.

Here’s the lounge


Love your windows and high ceilings! It looks really cute :star_struck:

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Love this kitchen


Have you looked on Houzz? Some nice shit on there (when you filter results).

We moved into our place a year ago now and I still don’t feel like it’s fully decorated.

This is probably the most put together part of the house


I just love wooden floors with warm, bright fabric furnishings. This looks so good!

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Great colours. Any ornage/terracotta type colours like your rug are my number one top tip for making a place feel cosier.

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