Thread for sharing photos of interior shots of family homes

Very very into family homes before capitalism conquered interiors and people just had functional homes with brown carpets, brown sofas (bring this back IMO), though also quite like a fancy home from the 80s or 90s too because it was all still a bit crap wasn’t it.

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hardwood furniture with brown cushionings yes please. orange and pale blue cushions on a brown sofa looks so good

hate the pine and white look


Only ones I have and I’ve shared them before I think.

Look at all that brown. Absolutely can’t get enough of it.


And the classic 80s pink interior in my parent’s bedroom. Seem to remember thinking their bedroom was so nice :sweat_smile:


Bonus photo of my nan’s kitchen wallpaper in the 70s. Sadly redecorated before I was born so never saw it in real life.


Really like some of the posts on this account.

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20th century home decor makes me feel a bit unwell, there’s something disturbing and uncanny about it. Like a TV show set. We strayed so far from God.

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I think for me, it’s more the expectations on how nice your home is meant to be. Obviously there’s always been pride in your home and keeping up with the neighbours etc but it was always done in a sustainable way I think, now the amount of money that must go into interiors makes me panic, and seeing more and more ‘luxury’ extras as standard in houses like, idk, a wine fridge or something or building a bar in the garden. It fascinates me really.

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This isn’t a judgmental thread, if a wine fridge makes someone happy then chill that wine with wild abandon. I’m just very interested in interior trends, how social media/internet has led to less individuality and higher expectations and surely, a lot of debt.

I think what we now deem to be expected consumer products were, at one point, luxuries though. People probably thought the same in the 50s and 60s about owning televisions.

Living Room is the ultimate one for this :two_hearts:

Living Room


This zine I got last year has some nice brown interiors + some brown carpet

Prince Street

nsfw & even more lux


Oh yes absolutely that’s what i mean about keeping up with the neighbours BUT it was a product here and there or nice curtains, now is seems more like every element of the interior. You know like how even the boxes you store all your old crap in cant just be boxes they have to themselves be nice objects.

Idk, cant explain it very well but i just want to see nice old family homes in this thread :blush:

Omg that second sofa is now my dream sofa (is that your family/photo btw, its such an incredible shot :heart_eyes:)

The living room pics are all by Nick Waplington.

Nick Waplington : Living Room - The Eye of Photography Magazine .

I think they’re some of my favourite photos ever

Quick Interior spam from some books

That colour one’s from Beamish so it’s either preserved or a recreation of a house from a few decades before


Aw these are great!

I don’t have photos but my nan and granddad’s house had a bathroom that was all pink and an en suite that was all blue. Must have made it difficult if you wanted to replace just one part of the bathroom, to find one in the right colour, but I really wish my bath was a more interesting colour than white.

off topic but am I allowed to briefly mention my love for apartment buildings located in the middle of nowhere/out in the country, like this?

seem to dream about them often too.


You are indeed. I like that!

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This sort of thing?


You’ve probably seen it already, but the BBC2 documentary Signs of the Times is full of this kind of thing, it’s outstanding

(Also, as a bonus for fans of indie music, one episode features the dad from the Mystery Jets)

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I love this vibe, I reckon that would be my ideal home in a lot of respects

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