Thread for sharing your latest Google search

Other search engines allowed too, whatever

“How much does a crane operator make”

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“Cesar Azpilicueta”

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“Are figs vegan?”

(…after learning that in order to grow a wasp has to die inside them)

Pancake day (seeing if it was actually tomorrow, turns out it is)

Dunno but they definitely deserve a raise!!!


‘Can you freeze bok choy’

The answer is yes. Don’t blanch first!


Comptoir libanais

“All Quiet On The Western Front book”

Can a 29 year old date a 22 year old

‘Beer food recipes’


It was work related

Where do you hit a coconut

‘is telegram encrypted?’

Mephisto waltz dog.

Be not afraid lyrics

Why yes, I am in charge of Ash Wednesday service :rofl:

“Dog spend”

matilda the musical original cast bruce lyrics

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