Thread for showing off how clever you are

Looks, if it keeps giving me options between gifts and being told I’m appreciated, I’m going gifts every time. Also give a crap about shoulder touching, where were the real physical touch questions I ask ayou


I believe true smarts reveal themselves in our interactions with others, which is why I rarely leave the house or speak to anyone, as I am worried I will show off exactly how stupid I am


It’s a weird quiz.
All the questions seem to come from the angle of these acts being rare so to be appreciated more idk.

i get spam emails from these people about once a week despite not remembering ever doing the test or giving them my email.

I don’t care about gifts or being told I’m appreciated. Just be a nice person, make me laugh and touch my penis.


I used your email to do it.

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Who’s running POTW at the moment? Is it @AQOS

is me

Oh sorry, I’m not as smart as these guys! Yeah, this post, for encapsulating the modern struggle

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i told you not to abuse


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anyone into art?


Once I did an archaeology module in university year one that was 100% assessed by a multiple choice exam.

4 possible answers for each question.

I got way less than 25%

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  1. Where does that thing belong?
  • In my private collection.
  • In a secret storage location in the Nevada desert.
  • In the hands of a Nazi megalomaniac
  • In a museum.

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i’m pretty thick so i just pay people to be clever for me.

that sounds pretty clever to me

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Be funny if the 2nd book was just a list of all other degree courses in the world.