Thread for showing off

great photo tbf

Thanks japes. it’s the best photo that’s ever been taken of me. I peaked a bit early.

Couldn’t stop chuckling to myself when I first read this. Very under appreciated.

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Yeah, this is v. good. I hadn’t liked it! Or maybe my old account had. Anyway, another like for yooou!

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Bunch of Andy McNab readers in this place mate, we’re too good for them.

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This is my most popular post but I really don’t think it deserves the amount of likes it got.

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*Randy McNob

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missed this. chuckling silently at my desk.

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Can I just say I really enjoyed your creme egg post.

Hands down this is my favourite of yours m9


hahaha aggpass eats his own cum1

I think you are all talented, unique individuals and it clearly shows!


You’ve gone too far now, Dave.

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I imagine at the death of this website this is the post that will have the most links shown under it

I thought this was a great post.

flying with them to mallorca aren’t we

Thanks! I need to reread that/see how many likes I got.

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