Thread for simulating the process of sawing through a piece of wood

Do we have a saw? Can you check the box with the screwdrivers in?

Someone weigh down the other end of this piece of wood please

I don’t know, sit on it.

Stop nagging me! I’m having a sit down! I’ve been going non stop all morning!

It’s all about the action. No not like that. Let me have go.

I did some sawing the weekend before last. Sawing of skirting. Cheers guys.

How is that helping us now?



Shouldn’t we put something down to catch the dust? It’s going everywhere

Can I get you anything? Tea, coffee, water? Is almond milk ok?

I probably have the most recent experience on these boards. In what way would that not help?

The problem is that this is the wrong saw. It’s for a different type of wood.

Of course there are different types of saw!

Well if you’re such a bloody expert, why don’t you stop talking about it and start doing it!

I think the blade needs sharpened. A piece of kit like this should be going through that plank like a hot knife through butter.

I already did it last weekend? What are you on about?

You have got to be kidding me

I washed the dishes last weekend, doesn’t mean that lot in the sink are clean now!

How are you supposed to do that? Can’t we just buy a new one?

No point now, just persist. I’d probably have started sawing on the other side of the line by the way, err on the side of caution.