Thread for simulating the process of sawing through a piece of wood


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When you measured up and you said 65 - was that inches or centimetres?

I don’t bloody know, do I!?

Tea please

SPLINTER!!! IT’S BLEEDING!!! Should I go to A&E? Do I need a tetanus?

Pretty sure mausm ain’t never sawed through SHIT!

Well you’re halfway through, what unit have you been using??

Stop playing with it you’re just going to push it deeper!

Oh here’s Jesus bloody Christ the carpenter again


JC just played at carpentry although he did create a lot of business by smashing up the traders’ tables in the temple

I prefer to just cut 3 times to be on the safe side. One of them’ll be close enough.


If you’re not going to do anything useful, go help Epimer with the tea

That’s what she sa… OW it hurts am I going to die?

Balonz, get the tweezers from the bathroom cupboard will you?

I don’t like being in the vicinity of epimer when he has dairy near him.

Always an excuse with this boy

Careful, don’t bleed over the wood.

Can’t believe it is taking four of you to do this.