Thread for small achievements (rolling)

I did! Ignore the flaws, I’ve only been doing this for 8 months!

I was slightly envious about all the people confidently going through how much they’d changed and improved over the decade until I realised my decade is absolutely full of quite small achievements

like I’m not inexplicably anxious about most foods anymore


also might ask someone out (over okc admittedly) later

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how do you know this

I speak some, not much, greek. I was working on it but haven’t done much lately.

Friend posted this on fb. I was able to understand most of the text.


(Summary: girl selling matches, shopkeeper calls her a beggar and complains she’s putting off customers, girl is freezing and prays to st basil (santa equivalent) for help. He appears and tells her capitalism will kill her, not cold, so she sets fire to the shop to stay warm. At the north pole, the real st basil/santa turns up to find someone has been pretending to be him.)


Yes dingers!!!

I think the fake st basil is Karl Marx :smiley:

Have bought and cooked a vegetable based dinner! Granted it’s almost 11pm, but still. Way to go, me.

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Oh yes, i was so focussed on the words i didn’t pick up on that!

got to the “genius” level on the new york times spelling bee

Very impressed :+1::+1::+1::+1:

Just finished a book!

Reading more resolution is going well


iPhone - settings - screen time

Other phones, I’m sure you could get an app.

Managed to do my first shower since my ankle injury without needing any help getting in/out the bath.


The other day when I climbed up The Storr I ran the last bit and realised I wasn’t out of breath at all so I have def improved my fitness levels.

Made veggie lasagne dinner for friends yesterday and everyone seemed to really enjoy it.

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I went to the cinema by myself for the first time ever


i’ve been going by myself for years and i far prefer it now. when i’m with someone else i get fidgety and self conscious, on my own i can relax properly.

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i reached 10 stamps on my Waterstones card so i can get a free book now.


For best return on your investment I’d recommend this: