Thread for songs when the rhythm section is Having It

oi oi

things this thread is not for - nice, understated grooves; tricky drum patterns; tasteful playing.

been giddy on this stuff since I saw earthless the other day.

Set the Ray to Jerry

the drums after the final build up

And of course…

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yeah from about 3:00, this is what I’m after. never noticed what the bass was doing there before.

the other ones feel more like stuff that’s been composed and practiced maybe, I’m wanting people jamming the fuck out really.

crikey the bass is loud in the mix! :grinning: drums sound ace. ok this ending is bang on, well done there Bob.

doesn’t really fit the thread but listen to the drums on this

your man from dungen can play drums

Can’t really pin what you’re after for this thread? crazy drums?

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sure but also the bassist playing a lot of bass.

probably weren’t great examples but 3:20 into cherry red and 3:40 into war pigs. that’s what i’m about. maybe i mean bits where every instrument is vying to be the focal point?

Hm ok, something like the coda on let me drown maybe?

there’s a few parts in Little Lucid Moments by Motorpsycho:
7:50-9:30 or so, then like 13:00 on but really gets going again around 17:00


though feel you’ve been unfair to the bass section at 10:10 ish. was pulling faces to that just now.

such a great band.

oh they’ve just reminded me of hedvig mollestad, all her stuff is this stuff.

true, the whole song goes for sure (not sure how i time stamped the link there).

oh damn this is cool never heard

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she’s fucking cool.

lot of stuff on rune grammofon in this vein. good record label there.

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