Thread for stating common tropey things you've never seen certain actors do in a film



You know, things that are typical in films like an onscreen kiss or holding a gun or riding a horse or whatever.

For example I couldn’t remember ever seeing John Hurt kiss anyone but my housemate pointed out an example of this. Special prize for posting the answer to that one.

Come on guys, get behind this thread idea. It’s for charity.

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I’ve never seen Orson Welles holding an obviously empty takeaway coffee cup


I’ve never seen Shia Labeouf act.


Adam Sandler not be annoying (even in the films I like)


Is the John Hurt answer Midnight Express?


I’ve never seen Arnold Schwarzenegger break the legs of a lamb.


I’ve never seen Celia Imrie hold a weapon


I’ve never seen Meryl Streep hold a gun sideways


I’ve never seen danny devito dunk


I have never seen Brian Blessed breakdance.


I’ve never seen Jacob Tremblay do a line


I’ve never seen a Sean Bean bean scene


I’ve never seen Dame Maggie Smith slide across a car bonnet.


I’ve never seen buddy, the dog from air bud, drinking scotch alone in a dimly lit bar


My pal cited 1984.


never seen harrision ford sit bolt upright after waking from a terrible nightmare.


never seen Christian Bale in a good film


john hurt kinda kisses the alien


not seen gosford park?


I’ve never seen Bruce Lee fight Chuck Norris in Enter the Dragon.