Thread for suggesting a pic for another DiSers avatar




a nob for yours


@hip_young_gunslinger is less Patrick Wolf, more HEavy Handed Satire.

Should just be a pair of red trousers.


Martbowski could have a picture of vikram


thx bbz


no one pulling you up for misspelling “knob”?


you know what, I’m never sure what one is correct


For the insult or description of a todger I think nob works better.




New Mogwai single.


Let’s get smashed!



Had fun clicking random points on the vid while it was paused getting the perfect pose


WOO WOO! Come on babe!

Drinking beer! Drinking malibu! In the house man, in the house!


Haven’t worn my red strides in ages. In fact, not even sure I have any. There’s a pink pair but they’re terrible for showing up dirt.


Don’t fight it, it’s your thing. Like Prince and the colour purple.


When the weather gets cold, I might get a new pair. Got to keep up appearances. But I’ve been in shorts nearly all summer (currently in a lovely duck-egg blue pair).


No WAY. On behalf of the entire internet, please show us a pic of these trousers. They sound inspirational.


I think they’re these:


I haven’t got time to go to the Next website @hyg just take a photo.


Mate if you want to look at me just go to the who the fuck are you thread, stop with all these games.