Thread for telling me really cheap homemade recipes



I’m trying to cut down on my spending as much as possible, so I thought I’d field this to you guys: please can you share v. cheap but nice vegetarian or vegan recipes with me? and like… tips for getting certain ingredients for as little money as possible.

much appreciated x


Swear by Jack Monroe for this kind of thing. Most recipes are fully costed


Makes about 5 helpings

Makes 6 pretty generous helpings


ooh, thanks brackets!!


She’s totally ace. We were pretty broke in the years immediately after our youngest was born, and her recipes were a bit of a lifeline. Just scanning the vegan section and there’s loads


That sounds pretty nice.


what kind of food do you like?


I like all food that doesn’t hurt animals or doesn’t contain animals


The bread is really nice and you throw other veg into the lentils.

The portions are a bit small for me though.


Spaghetti Aglio E Olio

P. cheap and so much more than the sum of its parts. I eat it at least once a week.


I’m not sure her costings are accurate.


Posted this in the vegan thread but it’s piss easy, delicious and cheap - it’s essentially three aubergines, a tin of tomatoes and a tin of beans plus spices (doesn’t need the dill IMO)


Indian cuisine could be a good option. The thing is once you’ve shelled out a few quid for spices you could potentially be sorted for cheap tasty food for months. You just need to buy whatever fresh ingredients you fancy.
I’m fortunate enough to live in a very multicultural area so have lots of independent stores which stock all sorts of ingredients for low prices. Not sure what your area is like but you’ll hopefully be able to find bargains somewhere.

I like this recipe which is really easy to fuck about with and still taste great. Obviously leave out the ghee (use groundnut oil or something instead)



do you have cupboards with spices, stock cubes, flour, passata etc? pots and pans and things like that too? and do you have a budget?

I only ask cause it is going to be much more expensive to begin with if you are having to buy e.g. a bottle of soy sauce for a recipe so it wont be cheaper at all to start cooking from scratch but will be longer term.

I generally think having a well-stocked cupboard is the key to being able to cook well

super easy vegetarian things:

quiche: buy some shortcrust pastry pre-rolled. sometimes you get it reduced to clear and it is suitable for freezing. millions of recipes for all sorts of different recipes online. I’m making one on Sunday with courgette, pine nuts and frozen peas. pine nuts are quite expensive so you can leave them out.

with most basic curry recipes you can replace the meat with chickpeas. if you are short of ingredients, I find fresh ginger is the best thing for giving it loads of flavour and spiciness. also chopping up some cashews will be a good protein substitute but again this might be too expensive.

one of my favourite super easy quick meals is: grated courgette lightly fried with olive oil, garlic, the juice of a lemon, pine nuts, a teaspoon of capers. served with linguini +seasoning.

in terms of Mexican things, my favourite is enchiladas and tbh these are better than the ones in that restaurant last week.


French onion soup is very cheap to make and can be so delicious. good way to use reduced to clear bread.

these things are handy:

tbh I really suggest reduced to clear sections in supermarkets (you probably know this obviously). for my dinner tonight I had a 9p cheese sandwich that I made into a toastie and added some vegetables and flavours.


also, for me, a perfectly acceptable dinner is a packet of instant ramen with some spring onions, carrot ribbons, a few chopped mushrooms and whatever else you fancy. if you’re scared of all the E numbers and MSG and whatever the fuck they put in that stuff, it’s also so easy to make a sauce based on sweet chilli dipping sauce and peanut butter. or just a few splashes of rice vinegar and soy sauce. again, fresh ginger is so cheap and handy.


Isinglass in Stella, I’m afraid.


something I do to save money is buy a big bag of frozen peas and add it to nearly any meal. Curry, pasta, soup, whatever, all good with peas. And if you wanna bulk out leftovers to a full meal, chuck a load more peas in.


I do have most things, yep.

I need to get a pestle and mortar, but they seem pretty affordable? I also need to replenish a few basic ingredients, but I’m fairly well-stocked for basics.

my mum is a reduced-section pro, which helps, but I might try a bit harder to get bargains myself (wish I had a bus pass like she does, haha).

I do wish nuts weren’t so pricey. great for flavour and protein.

these are great ideas, anyway, thank you :slight_smile:


:smiley: peas, got it