Thread for testing out business ideas



I’m thinking of a themed cafe called either Snakes and Cakes or Cakes and Snakes or Snakes in Cakes. Or perhaps all of the above.

Basically there will be cakes and snakes both for handling and eating.

Who’s in?


I don’t think this is a very good idea, sorry Saps


The “Snakes and…” niche has already been won by board game café Snakes and Lattés, sorry.






doesn’t even rhyme


Rake a Bake. You go to a cafe and we give you an unbaked tray bake, some further ingredients (choc drops, raisins, walnuts etc) and a rake. You then rake the extra ingredients into your tray bake. Then we bake it for you and throw it at the wall above your head when it is done.


Fatties and Lattés didn’t test very well.


Typical nerd reply.


What about Shits and Giggles, a comedy club where the audience are all sat over a giant latrine?


Flat Whiteys. Coffee and high-THC skunk.


I’d be the number one customer.


A phone that sends your porn search history to everyone on your contact list unless you vote corbyn


*number two


*Number two customer FUCK YOU EPIMER


Personalised banjo riffs. You get a little mp3 of a 3-10 second break for 50p, order online obvs. Catch is there’s only one of them so I’m raking it in for nowt.




The entire city of Leeds gets replaced with a washing machine large enough to do the world’s washing at once, saving everyone hours of time.


oh sorry i need a pun name, erm, Earl Mugs


A restaurant identical to creams but with better decor