Thread for the day of Tuesday 29th November, 2016


Quick poll to get things started:

  • I have commented to someone about the coldness of the weather today
  • Someone has commented to me about the coldness of the weather today
  • Neither of the above apply to me

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Please amend your results as the day goes on.

How are you all, anyway? Plans for the day?


Morning CCB, how are you?

Was going to go into the office early this morning but when push came to shove, I couldn’t be arsed.


Morning :slight_smile: have the day off so going to do the annual Extreme Clean before Christmas. Very exciting we can all agree. How about you?


Morning @colon_closed_bracket. Cold out, isn’t it?
Met yer man @sadpunk yesterday evening for a climb which was ace. He does the best and most dramatic falls (he’s also a good climber, but I would like to focus on the excellent falling)
WFH today. TV submitted a job application yesterday which could see us moving up to Leeds, the land of lovely boulders :heart_eyes:


Off work as I’m graduating for my MEd today.

Still in bed. Got an idea for a thread that is half music board, half social board but I can’t be arsed typing it all.

Don’t think it is all that cold up here. Was ridiculous last week.


Flushing the system, so to speak?


Hi ccb

I’m going to answer a couple of emails I put off yesterday and then off for a haircut. Wishing I’d checked today’s weather before deciding to book something that involves leaving the house but never mind eh. Will likely speak about the cold weather with hairdresser


Morning all. Train cancelled this morning so WFH :+1:


Hey WL, I’m good thanks! We’ve got a new telephony system which makes having a new voicemail look really dramatic. Lights flashing all over the place and a really stressy-sounding menu announcer woman (not sure what the technical term for this is)


That’s going to be a banned act soon.



And hey - @system … I know what I’m doing, okay?


Morning all!

I think it’s quite mild in Glasgow today.

Went to sleep at half eight last night. Feeling much better this morning after a leisurely nearly-eleven hours of sleep.

Going to see Vic and Bob tonight.


Better film it while I still have the chance!


Oh god, so how many lights flash if you have a missed call? Is the announcer robotic or human?

Our system has a slightly superior tone that somewhat irks me. P


Ophft, I am JEALOUS. That’ll be great, where are you seeing them? Have you ever listened to the Richard Herring RHLSTP podcast with Vic Reeves? It’s one of my favourite episodes.


nothing going on. landlord has ‘fixed’ our buzzer so that flat A’s now buzzes our flat, but they haven’t fixed it enough that the speaker actually works to speak to whoever’s outside. great job.


There are two flashing lights! And the announcer is a slightly robotic-sounding woman. She reels of this list of things you can do with the message (forward it, delete it, listen again and so on)… you get the feeling that as a result of customer feedback she’s been programmed to run through them as fast as she can. However, if you’re not on the ball you end up missing the option you want. There’s almost an audible sigh as she has to repeat the options.


note: i do not live in Flat A


Its a similar situation when a company sends out SMS voicemails alerting you about a parcel delivery and it gets to the point in the messae where they say that your package will arrive today and ‘your reference number is 875392728372827392739273927382937’ - oh wait, you didn’t get that? Tough it isn’t be repeated!

Oh also did you remember to wear thick or thermal socks today?


going to attempt to make some music today