Thread for the day of Wednesday

Good morning DiS,

I haven’t started a weekday thread in a while. It feels strange.

I woke up way too early on a day where I can’t have an afternoon nap which doesn’t bode well, I am going to be so cranky by 2pm.

Anyway, how is everyone this morning? I hope you all have decent Wednesdays :+1:

Hello lightflasher,

Last night I met up with an events organiser who wanted to talk through some ideas I had for nights that can be put on, and learned a lot about this city and what’s been tried before. I have had too little sleep again as a result.

Tonight I am trying with the idea of going to see Shame live, but it will depend on my sleepiness levels as I too will be cranky by 2pm I think.


Back into the office today.

Feeling wiped out.

Hello FL, M0M, DB, h_2 :wave:

I’m tired, man. In work early to try and plough through the huge amount of shit I haven’t done this week. A lot of frustrating fuckups happening at the moment too.

I went to see The Shape of Water yesterday. Enjoyed it but it was missing something for me.

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This, word for word


Morning all!

I’m trying to get in early so I can mark seventeen essays before handing them back at 9.00. After 1.00, all of my classes are doing assessments or mock exams (in their classes) until Thursday night. I’ll take my book in case I run out of work.

Day off. Interview prep to do.

Kids are knackered so have cancelled their breakfast club and am doing the proper school run…lot.of booster lessons going on which are a bit :roll_eyes:

Have taken to waking kids with loud MORNING music. So far we’ve had Beatles good morning, Wake up Boo, Wake me up before you go go. Any further suggestions for the week??


Ah man. That’s a lot of work. I’m trying, and failing spectacularly, to do 2 managers worth of work, whilst running my foodhall. I want to be in bed.

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Aren’t you a Liverpool fan…?
Every morning up until the day of the final =


Walking on sunshine by Katrina and the waves - might not be cool but it’s a bouncy, get out of bed kinda song.

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Or rage against the machine - wake up. :joy:


Back to work for Niki. Feel much better :ok_hand:


I wholeheartedly agree

Morning all. Back to normal work today after a day off poorly and then a day in That London. Actually quite looking forward to it. It won’t last.

Incredibly tired and I’ve got a 12 hour day.

Good Day Sunshine

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George Harrison - here comes the sun


Morning FL, don’t forget your headphones!


Still getting over someone at work yesterday banging on about ‘the sweet, sweet smell of a dead rat’