Thread for the Party People

Where can I find you at the party?

  • Dancefloor
  • Bar
  • Tables
  • Out the front
  • Toilets
  • other
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what are you drinking?

  • bottled lager
  • booze and mixer
  • spirits
  • wine
  • soft drink
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chat levels:

  • lots
  • moderate
  • minimal
  • none
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On the floor in the corner with the dog, then on the sofa, then on the dancefloor for a bit, then sleeping on the sofa



  • moderate
  • lots
  • minimal
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I’m not a good dancer, but I am a dancer.


Tables then toilets then tables then dancefloor then bar then dancefloor then toilets then dancefloor then bar then dancefloor then bar then toilets then out the front.

now that’s my kinda party.

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One tequila two tequila three tequila floor!

It’s good to have a cycle though innit, kitchen, dancefloor, sofa/cig, toilet, repeat. Until it just becomes all dancefloor.

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5 mins dancing
25 mins chaining rollies and chatting nonsense in the smoking area
Hit the bar and repeat until kicking out time


Remember, never stop dayncing dayncing dayncing


Having roll ups in 2023 (the year of the vape) makes you a social hub in any smoking area after 11:30pm

spotify / tunes control

  • Is for other people
  • swoop in like batman when it’s unattended
  • Everyone must enjoy my modern playlists
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Love catching a swooper in the act.

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Oh my god is that beer pong!?!?!?!

I’m the guy getting in the way of everyone trying to get into the fridge.

yeah sure, no problem, do you want a liquorice rizla or a green one?

Knew prof was a swooper, spanish people usually are ime


Tbf if it’s a really shit corny playlist then I’ll probs get involved at some point

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