Thread for the weekend



what ya doin?

having a big tidy today, or will be when i get off my bum and stop looking at lady sovereign’s twitter. don’t ask why.


morning! I’ve only just bloody woken up. Pretty late for me on a weekend.

Big tidies can be fun! Are you going to put on some loud music to motivate yourself?

I might do a youtube cover today that’s about it really, feel pretty groggy.


yep, there’s a band i like called blonde bunny who just put out their first album so looking forward to checking it out. they’re from northamptonshire actually.


oh really? Where abouts? Nobody good is from here!


Oundle apparently, never heard of it myself. They’re kind of a ridiculous prog band but I like em.


Netrunner tournament. There are two Worlds top 16 players here. So I’ll be leaving early for FENINO.



:grin: pub last night. Got drunk and stuff.

Need some breakie but after no tea last night I think my stomach is too empty if that’s a thing?, quick tidy up then pub/football/pub/gig :smile:


Alright sexy people,
Went to see T2 last night, hen went to sleazys and now I think I’m
Still half cut.
My bro is back from Luxembourg so gonna watch rugby, drink loads and eh…probably end up in sleazys. Canny wait!


Meeting friends for a pub lunch, then I’m going to the football. Then perhaps another pub trip followed by going to a friends gig.

Tomorrow I’m getting the food shop delivered for a change. Got some lamb shanks to stick in the slow cooker for 8 or 9 hours. Probably go out for a walk in the countryside or something.


Get some proper brekko in you ffs


think that’s where xylopwn is from!


Cup of tea and a kit kat?




You’re not my real mom!! (Slice of toast coming up)


Morning all. Just rolled out of bed. Going to do some work, then watch the Chelsea game. Soundcheck is at five so will just be relaxing before that and before the gig too. It’s going to be a good day.


still reeling from how amazing air bnb is. never used it before.

£300 for 5 nights in a chalet on edge of stockholm. Insanity!

Otherwise i’m at the bookshop all day beavering away on the new website and at lunch going to check out those super light down jackets at uniqlo to see if they’re any good/warm



Been listening to Japandroids and Cloud Nothings. Should get up and put some coffee on. I can’t remember if the crumpets I bought are still in date…

The rest of day will go as follows:

Pub / Wycombe vs Portsmouth / Pub / Bed

So not too dissimilar to @Matt_was_taken’s day :smiley:


Buenos dias, amigos.

Leftover pizza for breakfast. Gonna wash the cars in a bit. Probably spend the afternoon Xboxing.


Shit, this guy is a pro!


I’d forgotten all about it. Went in to the kitchen to do myself some toasts and then saw the pizza boxes on the side. Happy days.