Thread for the weeknd


probably not gonna do very much until my ‘double date’ tomorrow night… about to watch rear window.

no chat about the bloke with the hair

Top 5 bald people then?

1981 Ian mackaye
My mate butch
Temur Ketsbaia

no xylopwn?

Up early to look after the kid, he just ate more porridge than I did and still is smashing his hands on the high chair like he wants more :confused:

Uh oh

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He’s my mate butch

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Bloody hell. Hanging pretty hard.

Bit hungover.

Planning to head down the running shop and spend some money, but that’s contingent on feeling human again first.

Hangover free (but do have a headache so might as well have been drinking). Probably head to a cafe for breakfast, buy food, play games and watch nfl. Not exciting but hopefully cheap!

Wearing my ace jumper again and drinking Aldi peppermint and licorice tea - their minty teas are incredible, never had ones as good.

Off out to have second breakfast shortly then I’m not sure what else, got a few invites (a party, and a ‘gathering’) but would rather stay in I think.

Might go to some museums or markets at some point over the weekend.

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Did you show us your jumper? I love a good bit of structured wool. Sounds like excellent day plans!

Morning Eric + others

Flying home today! Geneva airport is horrible at the moment, it’s full of people coming home from skiing holidays and I’ve just been stood in the security queue in front of a really twattish Australian for over half an hour. Had a bacon and egg mcmuffin to cheer me up though. Really looking forward to getting home


that’s cute, post pics pls

just realised i’m already behind on my 26 books a year challenge, gotta read like 100 pages today to catch up

I can’t take any photos this week because my stupid phone broke and using my mates and it’s got the worst camera :frowning:

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This is why I set 25 books for the year to give me two weeks of leeway for when I get lazy.

Currently about a third of the way through Thatcher stole my trousers by Alexei Sayle. I’ve pretty much fallen asleep on the same page most of this week then read most of that third this morning. What are you reading?

i’m reading ghost story by peter straub, it’s fairly standard stephen king-esque horror fare but i’m quite enjoying it.

That’s really cool!

Sounds alright from the synopsis. I’ve not got much horror on my list… Was hoping to read Cujo at some point this year though.