Thread for the weeknd

Morning ezzer and friends.

Just got in from a muddy cycle there, please see my creamy calf below. An old man stepped into my path while I was cycling and shouted something at me. I had my headphones in so didn’t hear him but told him to fuck off anyway. The guilt is starting to settle in now mind. Maybe he was shouting something positive and I totally mugged him off :thinking:

Having some very black coffee and then heading over to South West London for my ma-in-law’s traditional New Year’s meal of salmon and spinach pie and steak and stilton pie. Woof.

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still don’t have the bit I need to fix my good bike so I’m going to try and climb up a hill on my singlespeed. this will almost certainly end in disaster.

Got the day off work because my voice is still on its way out and it wouldn’t be very helpful for customer service. Off to see the football instead (but not to chant or have a burger) :soccer: :ok_hand:

there was an episode of food unwrapped the other day where they just went to different countries to tell them what was wrong with their diets


I’m feeling poorly :mask: … Not sure yet if it’s a bug or whether I just slept funny. Currently sitting on the sofa doing almost nothing, which is unusual for a weekend morning.


yeah i’m not much of a horror fan usually but i think i’m regressing back to my teens and enjoying some kinda schlocky horror stuff. gonna read rosemary’s baby too.


My youngest is trying her best to help me feel better by delivering a succession of letters and pictures to me. This is my favourite- apparently it’s a Minion in a cardigan:


Hope you feel better soon CCB! Go drink some OJ or have something with honey in it :tea:

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I wonder if its better than the film :thinking:

Flight is delayed by over an hour. Would have been nice if they’d mentioned that before we got on the plane. Apparently it’s really foggy over in Manchester so can you all stop breathing out please, thanks

i’m a big fan of the film, though that one scene does ruin it quite badly.

See also: Kevin McCloud

Morning all. Few beers last night in the pub with an old friend got rudely interrupted by the pub being evacuated due to a gas leak, good fun. So the night ended a little earlier than it may otherwise have done, probably not a bad thing.

Writing today, meeting a friend for coffee this afternoon probably, watching the football this evening.

Just walked 6k with the baby/pram think I deserve a quick cheeseburger at McDonald’s


That jumper must be dynamite :slight_smile:

That is cool :+1:

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The pros of coming to the library on a saturday morning is that it’s practically empty :nerd: :school_satchel:

mate it’s veganuary!!!

The cons of coming to the library on a saturday morning is that i have no life. :pensive:

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